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The Destructive Myth of a Planned Worldwide Jewish Dominance

Completely independent of the question of the alleged Jewish conspiracy, there is no doubt about the existence of power structures apart from democratic control in which the management of money flows plays a significant role. Geographically, this global “empire of big money” extends just as far as the influence, among other things, of its banking systems, its media, its lobby teams and organizations, namely tens of thousands of NGOs and even more NPOs.

The rumors about planned Jewish world domination that have been circulating for over 100 years only supposedly start with these verifiable facts – but actually go far past them. For correct analysis it is necessary to take into account some ignored facts and use detours when thinking. The tiny circle of persons which run the actually existing worldwide empire of big money, are by far underestimated regarding their financial power, their lack of empathy and their exceptional intelligence. The latter enables them to pursue goals even in confusing detours, but all the more effectively.

Under such excellent conditions, it should have been easy for them to develop Israel, if not into a great power, then at least into an absolutely safe haven for the threatened Jewish people. This would have required, above all, a respected territorial order in relation to the Arab neighbors. After their permanent denial of Israel’s right to exist and four military attempts (1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973) to wipe out the Jewish state, such a territorial order should have included border adjustments that created the necessary security distances. But this was primarily prevented by the UN, which has continuously taken sides against Israel with unjust resolutions since 1948, thereby clearly violating its own charter principles. Reference

In each of its wars, Israel was treated like an aggressor that had to be stopped by force, even though it was always the victim which was existentially threatened or directly attacked. With psychologically catastrophic consequences, the actual aggressors were rewarded by putting their right of territorial integrity over Israel´s right of self-defense and even over its right to exist. As proven again in the October 7th, 2023 assault, the UN´s vehement hindering of Israel to correct its most vulnerable boundary is not compatible with the right to life, liberty and security according to No 3 of the UN Human Rights list. A Jewish state that can be beaten like an outcast dog by the world organization represents the opposite of Jewish world domination. In contrast to this, the location of the UN and its sub-organizations in New York makes it easy for big money to exert political influence. Thus, a network of NPOs, NGOs and UN organizations has emerged in the northeastern USA and is receiving ever larger amounts of funding. This network not only lacks democratic control, it is itself a threat to it. The many think tanks working on models for the future of humanity are not found, as urgently needed, within the structures of voter-controlled democracy, but within these UN NGO networks.

Beside qualified contributions and sustainable models, the propagated results show politically questionable trends that paint the picture of a world that is completely controlled by oligopolistic large companies and a privileged banking system. Freedom, self-determination, personal independence and a fair market economy play no role in the models, while “investment” is widely presented as a key factor – clearly defining the intended decision-makers.

The lack of democratic control over the network of UN, NGOs, large corporations and the banking system represents an existential challenge that must urgently be overcome. On the current path the suppression and later the replacement of free democracies by an empire of big money behind the blue UN label is predictable.

Under the vigilance of authentical free press journalism, such a threat to democracy, freedom and justice could never have reached the current level, but would have been stopped through public pressure from well-informed citizens. But as a further challenge, the free press is also proving to be a sick patient. Reference:

The same applies to the evenly threatening tendency of thousands of supposedly charitable NGOs and parts of mainstream media towards dissemination of truth-distorting anti-Zionist and anti-Israel narratives in recent decades.Thus, the outbreak of open anti-Israel and antisemitic incitement since the beginning of the Gaza War on October 7, 2023 didn’t come spontaneously out of nothing. On the contrary, this excess of polemic had seen a highly remarkable dress rehearsal at an NGO forum in early September 2001 in Durban, South Africa.

This gigantic event with 7000 delegates representing 3000 NGOs took place parallel to the official World Conference against Racism (WCAR). The final declaration of this forum not only topped the corresponding paper of the official congress in aggressive language against the West but added hatred-loaden agitation against the Jewish state, accusing it to represent an Apartheid system and demanding boycotts, divestment and sanctions. Despite this and despite intensive media covering for some days, the whole staged play remained an experiment without political consequences, because on September 11, three days after the event ended, the New York attacks absorbed almost 100 % of media attention.

Discrimination and agitation against Jews by forces heavily influenced by big money dates back at least to the British Mandate period in Palestine from 1922 to 1948, where politics included the appointment of the active antisemite Hadji Amin al-Husseini as Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and head of the Supreme Muslim Council. This convicted rebel and pioneer of “modern” terrorism had a free hand in collaboration with the Nazis until 1937. In this context, one should remind that the latter were financed with money from American banking institutions.

Policy has always to be evaluated by its results, which are: The worldwide Jewish population did not change much between 1922 (year of the Mandatory contract initiating the Jewish homestead in Palestine) and today – from over 13 million people to over 15 million (+ 15 %). During the same period, the Arab population of Palestine found favorable conditions which let them grow from around 650.000 persons in 1922 to more than 14 million Palestinians (22 times as much or + 2100) which are now globally distributed. The question emerges who managed this obvious demographic war and by which means.

As worldwide observations show, it is a cared camp life that constitutes the ambience “best” suited for exceptional high birth rates. In the case of the Palestinians, this was initiated in 1948 by the UN, whose supposedly charitable sub-organization UNRWA built more than 50 camps for about 750,000 Arab refugees. These had fled from a war which 6 attacking Arab countries had brought upon Israel – and collaterally on own civilians. After losing the war, the United Nations allowed these aggressor states to evade responsibility for the consequences of their actions, which had required them to accept the refugees and integrate them into their countries, (as Israel had to take in even more Jewish refugees which had been expelled from Arab countries after the 1967 war).

There remains the initially mentioned factor of the highly underestimated financial power of the elite to be considered. This has two hardly recognized sources, first the extra-profits of privileged big stock companies (pharma, petroleum, food, international trade etc.) in an oligopolistic dominated pseudo-market which unfair tax systems and bureaucracy keep free from small competitors. The second source consists in a “permission” which allows institutional banks to create money out of thin air each time they grant a loan. The resulting distorted balance of power between the banking system and the nations has been completely derailed since Bill Clinton’s presidency. At that time, the last reins were taken away from the creation of so-called derivatives with their dangerous leverage effect. These facts kept from public perception sound like a crazy fairy tale, while the resulting gigantic drain of economic power to the detriment of civilization-leading nations explains much of the actual craziness financed in this way.

Thus, it also becomes understandable how a few ultra-rich people easily could stage millions of people as an establishment which is subordinated to their worldwide empire of big money, inconspicuously bound through the codex of political correctness. Jews (still) constitute an above-average proportion of these privileged persons, firstly, because their talents in many areas like mathematics and banking make them useful, and secondly, because their well-paid positions supposedly confirm the narratives about advancing global Jewish dominance.

That the authors and distributors of these fairy tales are to be found among neo-Nazis and Conspiracy theorists gives them the perfect camouflage. – Absolute power requires to additionally influence the opposition. The staged character of the game becomes visible through 3 simple questions. 1. What historical success did the “knowing of” the “world conspiracy of the Jews’ bring to the Nazis? 2. How is it explainable, that the false narratives meanwhile could survive for more than a century? 3. What can explain the definite explosion in publishing activity of these narratives since October 07, 2023? (What source has that enormous publishing power?) To all three questions combined, the only consistent answer is, that for the ultra-rich and their egocentric activities, no better camouflage was and is thinkable, behind which they can pursue their actual goals undisturbed. That works perfectly in combination with another complementary truth-distorting*) narrative which claims that everyone who criticizes the ultra-rich was antisemite. But this second narrative is doubly immoral – by making common Jewish citizens the victims of a critique which they don’t merit, while those who urgently need to be addressed can avoid responsibility.

Especially concerning question 2, there exists a conclusive parallel case, which once was described by Ayn Rand. She raised the question why the so-called US Anti-Trust Laws continued to exist since 1890 although they obviously failed in fulfilling their proclaimed objective to reduce oligopoly market distortion. The answer is that by their permanent failure, the Anti-Trust Laws harmonize perfectly with the ideas of the moneyed oligarchs who never were interested in any sincere solution of public problems from their roots. Instead, through gigantic lobby teams, they continue to offer superficial pseudosolutions which bring them extra profits – a standard case in “modern” legislation.

Meanwhile, the contrary of Jewish world control comes out to be true, as Arab influence in Europe and in the USA is rapidly growing while the Jewish one is shrinking. All these considerations show that the moneyed elite constitutes a closed circle with sincere solidarity to nobody. On the contrary, they let chase on free people, especially on free thinking people. The aim behind this is pretty clear – a dependent, easily controllable and manipulable population. Still hidden by a charitable facade, this boils down to a slave-holding system with manipulation of demography, of political attitude, working conditions, mobility, housing, “education”, healthcare and food. For each of these purposes, the camps for Palestinian refugees have been perfect laboratories under the direction of the UN during the past 75 years.

With the technical means available today, including communications monitoring, a global application of this political model is already easily manageable – and obviously long on the way to become a reality. Given George Orwell’s clear warnings, it is a disgrace that the lack of critical vigilance of journalists and politicians in particular has enabled such “progress” in undermining freedom, rule of law and democracy almost precisely the way described in his famous novel “1984”.

On average, Israeli people are more intelligent, more courageous, more patriotic and more independently thinking than any population worldwide. That’s the simple reason why the Jewish state constitutes a special obstacle in the eyes of the undemocratically powerful. Israel is in highest danger. If it was to fall, the other Western nations would unlikely be able to successfully defend their freedom. – But with solidarity and a clear view on the political situation, the freedom-loving people can easily change the course of history for the better the non-violent way.

*) The ultra-rich are particularly to be criticized for their actions which violate Jewish values and solidarity.Therefore, (Israeli) Jews should take immediate steps to re-integrate them in revised role into Judaism and at the same time into the free democratic nations.

About the Author
Christian Rudolf Hamann was born in October 1949 in Berlin/ Germany. After having finished school in 1968, he studied Geography, Biology and Politics in Hannover and Mainz till 1973 and then worked as a secondary school teacher until his retirement. Since 2013, he lives alternately in Uruguay and Germany. Throughout his life, he has continued to study independently, especially in the fields of history, politics including sociology, economics and psychology. His credo is that democracy is not a finished model, but a living principle that must be improved in a historically never-ending process and strengthened against the grip of uncontrolled power - namely that of money. History presents itself as evolution (as a composite of biological, technical and socio-organisational evolution), while politics represents its current management. Therefore, especially socio-organisational evolution can only be steered back into stable channels and kept there permanently if political management respects the eternally valid rules of evolution. The simplest and most effective way for the necessary course correction is to detect the increasing violations of these principles.
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