The elephant in the room at Fashion Week

As Tel Aviv just celebrated fashion week 2019, the topic of ‘fast fashion’ and the responsibility of brands needing to establish ethically and environmentally sustainable garments is a topic that needs to be discussed.

Fast fashion is simply the notion of creating fast production turnaround time and low garment cost. Pressure to reduce cost means environmental corners are cut, causing rising water pollution, increased use of toxic chemicals and rising levels of textile waste.

Unlike fast fashion, slow fashion aims to decrease the speed of production and consumption by placing greater appreciation on one’s purchase in order to be ethical without compromising on quality.

So, if we are serious about advancing a more sustainable economy and a safer environment, we must shift our spending to brands that are environmentally responsible. Introducing Repelle, Alma Ola, Toosha and kite.pride – 4 Israeli brands that encompass sustainability and slow fashion. Whether it be reducing their carbon footprint with locally sourced materials, reducing waste, sourcing sustainable fabrics or upcycling fabrics, these brands are dictating and creating both a social and environmental impact, proving that style and sustainability can happily co-exist!

Repelle is a collaboration between two professional fashion designers: Naomi Maaravi and Ayelet Ben-Shahar. Their brand is rooted on “slow fashion”, characterized by its fit, comfort, quality, and design. They use high-end stock, leftover fabrics, yarns and garments with techniques, textures, and dyeings to produce limited lines and up-cycled pieces.  As well as this, the Repelle studio is built with natural, up-cycled materials such as wooden branches used as hanging racks, recycled shelves strapped to the ceiling with old leather belts, matching each detail to their collections.

Alma Ola is a swimwear brand that was born for the free spirit and ocean lover. All of the swimwear are made from ECO fabrics recycled from plastic bags, fishing nets and plastic parts collected from the sea. The brand goal is to raise awareness of sea and environmental conservation and to reduce the use of plastics.

Toosha is an accessory brand that design and create eco-friendly accessories made of natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, linen, soy, and wool. Each piece is unique due to the design and production process achieved through special knitting techniques that include fine and delicate threads, hand dyed, embroidering, weaving, and felting. The unique design is characterized by softness, comfort, and flattering style.

Kite.pride is a social business that upcycle fabrics such as kitesurfing kites, parachutes, sails and wetsuits in order to provide rehabilitation employment to men and women exiting human trafficking by boosting them back into the workforce. Employees are provided with a strong sense of family and the necessary skills to go forward. Each style is unique in design with a powerful story behind it – where it came from, who made it and the impact it will continuously create. Their mantra is #creatingasecondwindforkitesandpeople

So just like the trend of kale, smoothies, and friends going “paleo”, so to the way we use, consume and purchase garments has shifted. As Earth Day (April 22nd) is approaching, it is is a timely reminder of the responsibility we all share to care for our planet. So the next time you are out shopping, consider shopping at these do-good, feel-good brands that we love.

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