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The Farce – The 5th Middle East War and the End of Freedom – Part 1

As in the First and Second World Wars, this time too there are no forces in sight that could stop the spiral of violence before it reaches its maximum potential for destruction. Therefore, without a fundamental course correction, nuclear wars are almost inevitable. The psychological and rational barriers that are presented to citizens in naive media articles actually do not stand in the way of their feasibility. Reference

The security crisis can only be solved by addressing its roots. The basic prerequisite is the revival of a solidarity that has been systematically damaged for over a century – that between Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of Western nations. Only together these groups can achieve their liberation from the underestimated danger posed by the lacking solidarity of some influential ultra-rich people and the militarists of the MIC. Reference Without alternative, these groups of people must be reintegrated into the democratic nations and, to whom it concerns, into the Jewish religious community.

The errors of Karl Marx, implemented by Lenin and Stalin and financed by Western banks, played a key role in making the 20th century the bloodiest in history. Added to this were the erroneous ideas of Adolf Hitler, which were financially pushed in a similar way.

In the 21st century, the fate of humanity depends largely on precisely analyzing these ideological errors and learning from them. Paradoxically, it is insights of Marx (which’s validity is independent of the political attitude) that facilitate this learning considerably: “Hegel remarked somewhere that all great world-historical facts and people happen, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: one time as a tragedy, the other time as a farce.”

The first Middle East war in 1948 was a tragedy that could have easily been avoided with the good will of those responsible. The four repetitions of the Arab military rebellion in 1956, 1967, 1973, and on October 7, 2023 represent one by one a farce, caused by hindering the normal learning from historical errors. Psychologically, rebellion and terror develop in groups which perceive themselves as unjust treated victims.  In the case of the Arab residents of Palestine, tens of thousands of allegedly charitable and peace-promoting organizations, such as NGOs, NPOs and UN organizations, have created this false awareness. This happened and is happening inconspicuously for decades, but since October 7th with enormously increased publication power through the spread of dubious narratives that distort the historical processes and the legal situation to Israel’s disadvantage.

What is systematically ignored in these narratives is that the founding of a Jewish homeland in Palestine as one of the consequences of the First World War cannot be assessed in isolation, but only in the context of others that brought decisive advantages to the Arab world. These included the liberation from centuries-long Turkish rule and, later, state independence.

A stable post-war order in the Middle East had required, above all, to clearly regulate the harmonious coexistence between Jews and Arabs on the legal and moral-psychological levels. The Mandate Treaty for Palestine of July 1922 met this requirement by, on the one hand, respecting the individual rights of the Arabs of religious practice and civil liberties. On the other hand, these guarantees were vested within the framework and context of the group right of Jews to establish their homeland on this territory. But five months before this League of Nations treaty, Egypt had been granted independence in February 1922 – prematurely, as further history showed.

When Israel declared its independence in 1948, the 600,000 settlers were assaulted by 6 neighboring countries. But Israel was able to win the war and thus to prevent the genocide slogan of “throwing the Jews into the sea” from being implemented. Instead, over 700,000 Arab civilians were left homeless. – By this attack and by previously having rejected the UN Partition Plan for Palestine from 1947 as a compromise solution, the Arab population brought the tragedy of 1948 upon itself – and also prevented the partition plan from becoming legally valid in the long term.

However, in the context of a complete reorganization of the Middle East after the First World War, the overall responsibility does not lie with the Arabs, but with the victorious powers, especially Great Britain. The independence of the Arab countries had to be linked to the condition of accepting the Jewish Palestine project.

Additionally, the British mandate administration counteracted the Mandate Treaty of 1922 from the start. Instead of facilitating Jewish immigration as demanded, obstacles were systematically placed in the way under various pretexts; the same applied to land acquisition. The statements of the responsible British politicians paint the picture of inflationary appeasement towards the Arabs – with the psychological consequences of a general disrespect for Western culture and nationalist resistance to the Zionist project.

This psychological disposition explains that the failed attack on Israel by neighboring Arab countries in 1948 was followed by further attempts (1956, 1967 and 1973) to wipe out the Jewish state. The repetitions each embodied a farce according to Marx’s rule. With the continued existence of the Palestinian will to annihilate the Jewish presence in Palestine, a permanent farce has ensued, which, as on October 7, 2023, erupts in recurring attacks on Israel’s right to exist.

After 1948, the UN, founded in 1945, continued this appeasement policy and transformed the conflict, which had actually been finally decided in 1948, into the chronic state of a permanent farce, diametrically opposed to the pacifist goals proclaimed in its charter. The problem of over 700,000 Arab refugees was brought about by the 6 Arab aggressor countries and was therefore their sole responsibility. However, the UN allowed these countries to refuse to take in and integrate the refugees into their societies until today. The world organization set up around 50 refugee camps in Palestine and its periphery and created the special refugee organization UNRWA to manage them.

Its “success track record” is that 700,000 refugees have become around 6 million to date, while a further 8 million Palestinians live outside the camps, partially around the world. A critical look shows that there is more than just (psychologically devastating) Western appeasement that allows (some of them ultra-rich) Arab governments to shirk their responsibilities. Rather, through UNRWA, an unfair war by other means is being waged against Israel. This includes the use of demographics as a weapon. While in 1922 there were around 20 times as many Jews worldwide as Arab residents of Palestine, the number of Palestinians scattered around the world will overtake that of Jews (currently 15.3 million) in just a few years.

The reasons for the excessive birth rates lie in the responsibility-free conditions of supervised camp life, but also in an information war. For decades, curricula, textbooks and teaching practices have incited contempt for Western civilization and hatred and violence against Israel and Jews. In this atmosphere, awareness of a demographic war automatically thrives.

The ongoing farce of the Middle East conflict has its main cause in the continued Western appeasement towards the Arab world. The phenomenon that remains in need of explanation is that neither citizens nor politicians were able to learn from the obvious mistakes of the past.

– End Part 1 –

About the Author
Christian Rudolf Hamann was born in October 1949 in Berlin/ Germany. After having finished school in 1968, he studied Geography, Biology and Politics in Hannover and Mainz till 1973 and then worked as a secondary school teacher until his retirement. Since 2013, he lives alternately in Uruguay and Germany. Throughout his life, he has continued to study independently, especially in the fields of history, politics including sociology, economics and psychology. His credo is that democracy is not a finished model, but a living principle that must be improved in a historically never-ending process and strengthened against the grip of uncontrolled power - namely that of money. History presents itself as evolution (as a composite of biological, technical and socio-organisational evolution), while politics represents its current management. Therefore, especially socio-organisational evolution can only be steered back into stable channels and kept there permanently if political management respects the eternally valid rules of evolution. The simplest and most effective way for the necessary course correction is to detect the increasing violations of these principles.
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