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So, Israel can’t cobble together a coalition government. Too many factions. Too many parties. What a mess.

Here in America, as you all know, we only have two parties. We used to have a lot of factions, too, but they have distilled themselves into two camps. Trump is the dumbest, most corrupt and incompetent executive ever and Trump has managed to turn Battleship America around and Made Us Great Again!

If I had to render a guess right this minute what the proportions of those factions are I would say 40 for Crudest Man Ever and 60 for At Least He Ain’t Obama.

Things might be different if it weren’t for two — actually three — tectonic plates whose movements are difficult to predict. Obvious is the overriding Threat of Impeachment. Democrats have literally threatened to impeach him immediately following his election (one controversial member of The Squad, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, from the frozen tundra of Minnesota where all the Skandinavian Muslims are all hanging out, announced at her victory rally on Election Night that “we are going to impeach the motherf*****r” or something equally sophisticated), and, you know what? They weren’t kidding.

First: three years have gone by. Russian Collusion. The Steele Dossier. James Comey signing off on counterintelligence requests to surveil American citizens in a secret court. Adam Schiff claiming he possessed damning evidence that Trump was a Russian Agent that the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, could not manage to find. Mueller testifying before Congress when it was clear he did not understand the Mueller Report and should compassionately be escorted to Assisted Living. The Assault on Brett Kavanaugh. All of this abetted by The New York Times and Washington Post.

Second: Ukrainian Collusion. Adam Schiff assisting a “whistleblower” with no first-hand knowledge of the infamous phone call between Trump and Zelynsky, accusing the President of the only Latin phrase now known to most Americans: QUID PRO QUO. They have no clue what the phrase means literally because the media has defined it for them: Trump Bad. Threaten Zelynsky. No money without dirt on Biden & Sons. The Italian Hit Man, Giuliani, dispatched to reinforce threat. You do “dis”, you get “dat”. Racist Dogwhistle! Today, Democrats said that one of Articles of Impeachment would be BRIBERY because that’s what America First’s President threatened Ukrainian’s First Comedian President with. Apparently, the latter was unaware of the former’s implication. Language barrier, I’m sure.

Today’s revelation that the whistleblower’s attorney, who is so very concerned about his client’s safety and anonymity, has posted numerous tweets extolling the virtues of “Resistance” and his clear advocacy of a “coup” continues to raise doubts about his underlying motivations in representing this individual and by whom an introduction was made.

Third: The Balkan group of Democrats trying to unseat The Briber in Chief. Can we be honest? There is not a single joker in that group who will be beating Trump next November. Biden & Sons are about to go down for QUID PRO QUO, as it is actually defined. Elizabeth Warren wants to spend $50 trillion nationalizing health care, says she won’t raise taxes on the Middle Class and, hey, what’s a job loss of two million when you’re doing the right thing? Mayor Pete thinks he’s a Moderate in this field:  but he raised his hand with all the other candidates in support of free health care for illegal immigrants; he says things like “…there was a time in politics when the word socialism could be used to end an argument. Today, I think the word is the beginning of a debate….” Let’s roll up our collective sleeves and think about that for a millisecond.

Rumors abound that multibillionaire Michael Bloomberg might enter the race because he fears the manner in which Joe Biden muddles through the English language, he cannot support the confiscatory proposals of Elizabeth Warren (which, naturally, are targeted against him), and he knows that neither is capable of beating Trump.

Fourth: (damn, I’m sorry, I went from two to three with little notice, and now I’ve jumped to four) There are reports/readouts just over the horizon from the Department of Justice’s IG regarding how the four surveillance warrants on Carter Page were obtained from the secret FISA court (supposed to be released around Thanksgiving, Puritan-time), and the US Attorney, John Durham, is now overseeing a criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia Collusion allegations.

All four of these items will have consequential impact on the twists and turns that will occur before Election Day 2020. No one knows what the eventual outcome of these pivotal factors might be, but — hell — I’m sure ready to make a few early calls. I can’t wait to look back on this post as the year progresses.

  1. The Mueller Report was a complete dud. The coup de grace was the insistence of the Democrats that he appear in public to flesh out the details of his report. Not only did he fail to flesh out any new details, it was abundantly clear that the “Mueller” part of the report was a misnomer. He didn’t know what was in it, he claimed to be unfamiliar with Fusion GPS, and was unaware that his primary deputy, Andrew Weissman, a Hillary Clinton acolyte, had stocked his staff with biased, compromised Friends-Of-Andrew.
  2.  The Ukrainian story will begin fraying next week when Adam Schiff is forced to schedule open, public hearings. His first “key” witnesses, whose private interrogations have been released, have no direct knowledge of any QUID PRO QUO, and have had policy differences with the President. They will be eviscerated on National Television by Republican cross examination. Schiff will be exposed (again!) as a repugnant opportunist, more concerned with Impeachment than the fires that have been ravaging his district, and it will eventually be revealed that he and his staff are up to their eyeballs in the allegations, filings, identification and concealment of this wholly-compromised whistleblower.
  3.  Hmmmmm. Robert Francis O’Rourke, the Ted Slayer, is gone with nearly a whimper. Julian Castro cannot be far behind. The Female Obama, Kamala Harris, is laying off staff in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Tulsi Gabbard, the Russian Asset, may hang for awhile if she can keep her Clinton attacks going, but moderate her isolationist foreign policy extremism. Spartacus Booker? Bye bye. Mayor Pete? He can’t even manage to run South Bend, IN, successfully, while he attempts to recast himself in moderate terms. Lunchpail Joe Biden – fashioning an image of a regular guy who takes the train, but in reality, loves flying private like every climate advocate out there – will sink like a stone, courtesy of his son, Hunter, and his QUID PRO QUO caught on tape when he threatened to withhold $1 billion from the Ukraine if they did not fire a prosecutor investigating corruption in a company on whose Board Hunter sat.
  4.  These will be the most devastating revelations of all. The IG will recommend criminal referrals against James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and many others. John Durham will seek indictments against John Brennan, James Comey, Glenn Simpson, an extradition of Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat National Committee, Nellie Ohr and attorneys from Perkins Coie, all of whom violated campaign finance laws. He may also seek an indictment of Rod Rosenstein, former Assistant Attorney General, who authorized one of the FISA warrants, appointed Bob Mueller and authorized the unprecedented powers he and his staff possessed. Even The New York Times/Washington Post will be forced to cover this with a modicum of veracity. All The News That’s Fit To Print in Darkness.
  5.  China. Wow, I almost left that one out.
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