Richard A. Lopchinsky

The future of the Israel is in YOUR hands

An open letter to the Likud Central Committee

I believe that most Israelis appreciate the many great accomplishments of Mr. Netanyahu: financially, domestically, and internationally.  However, it is clear from the past few elections that most Israelis also feel that it is time for new leadership.  Also clear is that Mr. Netanyahu is unable to work together with others in a team-like fashion, as is readily evident by the abandonment of Likud by a number of his previous proteges:  Liberman, Bennet, Sa’ar, and Elkin. Each departure left Likud weaker.

Netanyahu was unable to share power with anyone as  it was “his way or the highway”. A true leader would groom his successor for the betterment of the party and the country. He failed in this regard.

As a result of his intransigence, a government was formed with only one unifying principle;  anybody but Netanyahu. At a time of wavering US Democratic support, increasing anti-Semitism, and increasing threats from Hamas and Iran, this is a very dangerous reason to create a “unity”  government.

At this critical time, the future of all of Israel falls squarely in the hands of the Likud central committee! If you hold a party primary and elect a new party chairman, the current weak, disjointed, ineffectual government will easily fall and be replaced by a strong right wing government willing and able to take on the aforementioned dangers with a true  united front.  The people have spoken and the majority do not want Mr. Netanyahu leading the government any more – despite his previous successes. It is time for you to step and resume your leadership positions and find someone who can bring the Right back together.

I would also strongly recommend that you support term limits for the prime minister position as this will encourage the next prime minister to groom his successor rather than behead any possible candidate.

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Strong religious zionist background: First trip in 1963 - bar mitzvah, spent a summer volunteering at Hadassah in 1970, spent a year in Yeshiva in Jerusalem in 1971-72, parents made aliya in 1979, Tried to make aliyah in 1983 but was told I wouldn't fit into the system (after completing a fellowship in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) Professional: Board certified in general surgery, private practice in Manhattan for 28years, the Chief of the ENT / Head & Neck Service at the Phoenix VAMC, Clinical professor of surgery at Univ of AZ-Phoenix for 8 years. Finally made Aliyah in 2016 to work in Rambam. Licensed and Board certified in Israel Hobbies: Skiing, Hiking, Creating
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