Esor Ben-Sorek

The Gaza Cancer

One of the most severe and painful diseases is cancer. There is no known cure for it. Suffering patients must endure more suffering with chemotherapy or radiation treatments which are often more unbearable than the cancer itself.

When in January 2016 my wife was informed that she had pancreatic cancer she sat silently in the doctor’s office.  It was I who screamed and cried, aware of the eventual death of my beloved wife of 56 years.  I have not yet recovered from her death.  I never will.

There are other types of cancer, not physical but destructive all the same. One of the most severe cases we have experienced for many years and are still experiencing is the dreaded Gaza cancer. There seems to be no permanent cure.

An American scholar of Middle East studies, Daniel Pipes, has written that there is only one solution. In his opinion, one of the protagonists must surrender. Diplomacy has not worked. Military activity has not worked. But it is impossible to believe that one of the warring parties will lay down arms and surrender in the name of a prospective peace.

It is a fool’s dream. A nightmare that will never happen.

Benny Gantz was, among many others, politicians and military men, who  have condemned Netanyahu’s lack of really strong responses to the Gazan rockets and missiles and of Return protests and the incendiary balloons sent across the border to destroy our homes, land and property.

Bibi’s tactics have been weak and feeble and only give strength to the enemies who do not fear him.

Gantz’s proposal is the clearest and most sane tactic. It is called targeted assassination of Hamas leaders and their armies. So much ammunition is wasted on bombing of empty buildings, offices and residences in the Gaza Strip.  Little or nothing has been done to assassinate the Hamas leaders.

The civilians in Gaza have endured  a long suffering history under Hamas dominion. They lack electricity, drinking water, food, medicine and proper schools for their children. And the fault is the lack of revolt of the population against the Hamas destroyers.

What Gaza needs is a French Revolution. Let the masses take up arms, arrest the tyrants and drag them to the Gazan equivalent of a guillotine.

Israel’s military should once again occupy Gaza, locate the leadership and assassinate them one by one. Without Hamas ruling, Abbas’ Fatah in the Palestinian Authority could retake the Gaza Strip and provide humane treatment to its citizens.

Under those circumstances, Gaza would still not make peace with Israel but the missiles, rockets, and burning at the border will cease. Eventually the blockade of Gaza could be ended and food, supplies and medicines could be delivered to the suffering Gazans.

I believe that under the leadership of the Blue-and-White party led by Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid together with former generals and military commanders could provide a speedy cure for Gaza’s cancer.

Binyamin Netanyahu has been extremely lax in his response to terrorism. He makes threats of strong reprisals which are jokes. A few buildings and homes are demolished while the leaders hiding underground prepare the tactics for their next attack on Israel.

Binyamin Netanyahu talks loudly but does not carry a big stick. Neither Hamas nor Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad have any fear of him and because of it they are brazen enough to show no restraint.

The Egyptians, to their credit, have sent officials back and forth to Gaza in a serious attempt to create a permanent ceasefire between Gaza and Israel. Their good efforts have produced poor results. Ceasefire arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties and broken the next day.

With Benny Gantz’s party at the helm of our soon-to-be elected leaders, our country will happily see more blood flowing.  Not the blood of Israeli civilians or soldiers, God forbid, but rather the blood of Ismail Haniyeh and his Hamas cohorts.

With a new quiet and with greater security on our southern border, Bibi, Sara, Yair and Avner can begin packing their personal items on their speedy retreat from the official residence on rehov Balfour in Jerusalem and make their welcome departure back home to Caesarea.

Bibi can sit on the beach and begin writing his memoirs. Sara can continue ordering catered food.   Yair can chase the young girls bathing and basking in the warm sunshine  (if he is sober),  and Avner, the good son, can delight in his release from the filth of his father’s politics, and perhaps make occasional visits to his father if he is convicted to a prison cell.

In all events, the cancer of Gaza will be minimized if not cured, and once again our children can go to the playgrounds in Sderot enjoying their young lives without fear of attacks. Close the bomb shelters and open the doors and windows to let the sunshine of freedom enter.

April 9   awaits us with new hope.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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