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The Incredible Chutzpah of Hamas

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Recently, someone in the hospitality industry told me something funny about those guests who are habitually looking for something for nothing.

They say to me as follows:

A guest goes to the manager and complains:

I found a hair in the sink in my bathroom, and I demand a full refund for my stay!

The manager sends someone up to examine the room, and he comes back to report to the manager and whispers in his ear.

The greedy guest, still expecting his full refund for the hair in the sink, says with a full dose of hostility:

So, well, what did you find?

The manager looks squarely at the guest and tells him:

Well, it’s your hair!

Can you imagine the gall of the guest wanting a full refund for their own hair landing in the sink? It would be funny if it wasn’t so selfish, corrupt, and sad.

The Hypocrisy of Hamas’s Greed

It reminds me so much of the situation with Hamas and the radical Islamists who say to Israel:

You are occupiers, colonialists, and committing apartheid, and we want you gone, from the river to the sea!

But then Israel looks introspectively and examines the situation, and it’s Israel’s land to begin with.

  • Israel is the land promised by the G-d of Heaven and Earth nearly 3,800 years ago to the Jewish people.
  • The land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
  • The land of Moses and Joshua
  • The land of the 12 Tribes of Israel
  • The land of King David and King Solomon
  • The land of the prophets
  • The land of the First and Second Temples (and soon to be the Third and Final Temple)
  • The land of the Maccabees and Bar Kokhba
  • The Holy Land we pray towards three times a day
  • The land that we have forever aspired for

Yes, the Palestinians left a proverbial hair in the sink when they were staying in our land! They were working mostly as farmers for wealthy landowners from Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, but with no heavenly or earthly claim to it for themselves.

On top of it, Hamas wants to take “by any means necessary” (i.e., including unspeakably vile atrocities) all the land of Israel, which they have no legitimate right to in the first place.

Hamas Rejects Peace Yet Plays the Perpetual Victim

Now, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Hamas plays the forever oppressed victim, saying:

You did this to us. You displaced us. You took our land.

But weren’t the Palestinians the ones who rejected the U.N. resolution for compromise and partition in 1947, where they would have had a homeland from the prior British Mandate (even if it was technically in our ancient homeland)?

Yet not only did the Palestinians reject peace once, but over and over, they forswore a homeland for themselves and instead attacked Israel, vowing to wipe it and us off the face of the map.

Then, in 1967, at the Khartoum Summit, the Arab League reaffirmed its three (3) absolute no’s concerning Israel:

  • No recognition of Israel.
  • No negotiations with Israel.
  • No peace with Israel.

Yet Israel kept saying yes, even in the face of never-ending threats and murderous attempts on its existence.

  • Yes to 1.6 million Palestinians with citizenship in Israel, equating to about 20% of the total Israeli population.
  • Yes to a Palestinian state living side by side with Israel, even though their state would be Judenrein (100% free of Jews), like all the Muslim countries surrounding Israel.
  • Yes to a secure and lasting peace with the Palestinians, even though the Palestinians continue to affirm that they hate us and want to kill us, whether by U.N. resolution, BDS, Intifada, or Jihad.

What a guest the Palestinians have turned out to be in our land of Israel!

Hamas wants all of Israel and the Jews dead.

Adding insult to injury, the radical Islamists want a refund of the whole land and the forfeiting of all Jewish lives, all because of a proverbial hair in the sink, where the radical Islamists feel slighted by having a tiny Jewish state of Israel amidst their glorious 50 Muslim majority nations of the world—truly a tale of modern-day David vs. Goliath, if ever there was to be another one.

Sure, the antisemites say the Palestinians are forever the victims, even 75 years after the modern State of Israel was founded and the world continues to dish out billions in “humanitarian” aid to millions of people who are the world’s only perpetual refugees who could learn, work, and live otherwise productive lives, if only they would.

And on top of it, the Hamas war crimes apologists say with the utmost hypocrisy that they are the ones who want peace, and we are the obstacle to it!

But as we all very well know, the only “peace” the radical Palestinian terrorists want is a “piece” of Jerusalem, a piece of Tel Aviv, and a piece of Haifa until they have “the whole enchilada” of Israel.

Lessons from the October 7 Massacre by Hamas

Surely, the Jihadist massacre in Israel by hordes of Hamas terrorists on October 7, where they perpetrated such ungodly savage acts on 1,200 Jews that should never be done to any human being, would have shown the world the true face of evil.

But no, still, the rabid antisemites of the world gleefully tear down the posters of the women and children hostages, cursing the Jews, saying Hitler was right in wanting to exterminate us, and wishing out loud that Hamas would do what they did to us on 10/7 yet again and again.

In the face of all this, O’ Lord, we thank You for setting free the first 41 hostages in the last two days, and we eagerly await the rest to come home soon by Your miraculous hand. Please give success to the Israel Defense Forces and their U.S. allies to utterly defeat the terrorists and their Iranian sponsors, and grant us the fortitude and strength to overcome all the forces of darkness in this world and reach the ultimate redemption speedily in our times.

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