The Iranian Regime is Selling out the Caspian Sea

The collapsing Islamist regime in Iran is illegally selling out Iran’s Deep Sea Waters of Caspian Sea to Russia as a bribe to stay in power!

Any international treaty, which is against the national interests of the people of Iran, and has been agreed to by a Falling failing regime is illegal and cannot should not be ratified!

After four decades of plundering Iran’s natural resources, the anti-Iranian Islamist regime in Iran is on the verge of collapse. Because it is on its last legs, the struggling regime is now bribing the Russian government and her countries near the Caspian Sea to prop up its regime.

On Sunday, August 12th, Hassan Rouhani, the current president of the illegitimate Islamic regime in Iran, is scheduled to take part in the signing of ” the Convention on Legal Status of Caspian Sea”. Rouhani’s intent is to block Iran’s access to its own deep-sea resources and to give this access to Russia and her allies.

The Iranian people across the country have come to the streets and are demanding a change to this illegitimate regime. We–the opponents of the Islamic Republic in Iran, who wish to see this illegitimate regime overthrown and replaced by a democratic, secular government–publicly declare to the Russian officials and other countries in the Caspian Sea region, and to the politicians and the people of the world that this regime is illegitimate. We insist that any treaty with this regime that would serve to undermine the territorial integrity and national interests of Iran, must be vetoed. It is our firm belief that, should such treaties be signed, once the regime has fallen and democracy has been established on Iran, the Iranian people will not implement such an agreement.


Asad Abrahamian – USA

Nabi Afarin – Germany

Afshin AfshinJam – Canada

Nazanin AfshinJam MacKay – Canada

Abdolreza Ahmadi – Germany

Zartosht Ahmadi-Ragheb – Iran

Mehdi Amin – Canada

Roya Araghi – Canada

Amir Ardalan – France

Shayan Arya – USA

Manochehr Aslanpoor – Norway

Shabnam Assadollahi – Canada

Cyrus Assadollahi – Canada

Farzad Azizi – Sweden

Afshin Azizian – UK

Shahram Banihashem – Canada

Cina Dabestani – USA

Shahram Darvish – Iran

Mitra Dolikhani – Canada

Mohamad Elahi – Canada

AmirHossein Etemadi – USA

Saeed Farbakhsh – USA

Sheila Farhang- Netherland

Amir Fassihi – USA

Zaman Feyli – Netherland

Saeed Ghasseminejad – USA

Niloofar Gholami – Turkey

Esfandiar Gholamrezayi – Iran

Mahtab Ghorbani – France

Damon Golriz – Netherland

Mahyar Hamoun – Germany

Mohammad Hejabi – Netherland

Setare Heydari – Germany

Amrollah Ibrahimi – Netherland

Nooshin Javan – USA

Bahyeh Jilani – France

Esmael JoorabBaf Fazel – Netherland

Sheema Kalbasi – USA

Marjan Keypour – USA

Arash Mahdavi – Norway

Babak Mani – Iran

Masood Masjoody – Canada

Ebrahim Mazharsolook – England

Meisam Mehrani – Turkey

Setareh Mihandoost –Denmark

Maryam Moazenzadeh – Netherland

Ahmad Moghimi – France

Masoumeh Mohamadinia – Japan

Ahmad Mostafalou – Canada

Avideh Motmaenfa – Canada

Shanaz Naderi – Ausria

Arman Nadim – Germany

Youhanna Najdi – Germany

Mansoureh Nasserchian – Canada

Shahrzad Nojoumi – Canada

Reza Parchizadeh – USA

Maral Pourkhodabakhsh – Norway

Banafsheh PourZand – USA

Elahe Rahronia – Norway

Fred Saberi – Sweden

Sayeh Saeedi Sirjani – USA

Siavash Safavi – Canada

Farzane SeyedSaeedi – Germany

Nahid Shahin – Canada

Mohammad Shams – Germany

Atefeh Shirafkan – Canada

Salman Sima – Canada

Faramarz Taheri – Germany

Sima Tajdini – Canada

Parvin Tavallai – USA

Borzumehr Toloui – Canada

Daniel Tousi – USA

Elham Yaghoubian – USA

Mohammad-Reza YazdanPanah – France

Hengameh Yazdari – USA

Shayan Zahrai – Canada

Khosrou Zarefarid – Turkey

Mojtaba Zargar – Germany

Parivash Zati – Canada

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.
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