The Islamic-Left alliance, part 1


An unholy alliance

What political issue unites forces as disparate as Greta Thunberg and the Mullahs of Iran, the government of Bolivia and the Turkish premier Recip Erdogan, trans activists in the West and the Houthi rebel terrorists in Yemen?

As you might have guessed it is the Israeli-Arab conflict, and most recently the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. Of course the Israel-Hamas war is not just a war between Israel and the Palestinians, and Israel and Hamas, or even just between Israel and Iran.

It is not a normal regional conflict but a conflict waged between the Jews and widely opposed forces world-wide. This war is not just waged on the battle field but is as much waged in academia, the media and in the political arena.

The amount of attention

Why is this conflict not a normal one?

The amount of attention this conflict is getting in the world is not normal. For us Jews these barbaric attacks were truly catastrophic (not cataclysmic though). If you think of how many people were killed in Syria and in the Democratic Republic of Kongo, the numbers dwarf this conflict by far. The number of casualties in the war in the Democratic Republic of Kongo alone not only dwarf this recent war between Israel and Hamas but indeed all wars between Israel and the Arabs, where in the former conflict it is estimated that approximately six million people lost their lives. Pay attention to the wording “it is estimated”. That means that they probably rounded off the figure to the closest hundred thousand deaths or more.

As opposed to this the reporting on the conflict with the Gazans since October 7th even name the victims as the war goes on. Imagine if this was the case in the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We barely even know what that war is about, let alone who the warring factions are, and even less what the names of the victims are.

By making this comparison I do not intend to minimize in any way, shape or form, the severity and the magnitude of the atrocities perpetrated against us, and the justifiable destruction being caused to Gaza. On the contrary, I wish that the world would care as much about what is happening to the people in Congo as they do to the people in Gaza and Israel (whether they really care about what is happening to the people in Gaza is definitely worth debating but it is beside the point right now). But this is not the case.

Not a moral debate in its essence

The amount of attention this conflict gets from Ishmael– Muslims nations and Muslim individuals in the West is also telling. This attention has nothing to do with moral outrage, as many Muslims indeed celebrated the bestial acts committed by the terrorists on October 7th, and went out to demonstrate against Israel’s response against the atrocities almost immediately after the atrocities took place. These countries and individuals don’t care about Muslim lives being lost, because then they would protest against the far more extensive and cruel and deliberate culling of Muslim lives in conflicts like the civil war in Syria, the genocide against Bengal Muslims perpetrated by Pakistan in the 1970’s and the civil war in Yemen, or the oppression of Iran against its own citizens throughout the decades, and especially recently.

It is important to understand that this is not a moral debate, and our energies are wasted on debating the legality and morality of Israel’s “right to self-defense” visavi the Palestinians and other Muslim groups and nations. It is ludicrous that this is even up for discussion: which country does not have a right to self-defense? Which country would act in a more moral or restrained fashion than Israel has with the Gazans, with millions of phone calls and messages and flyers being distributed and made to the civilians of the Strip by the IDF and alerts given on social media with calls pleading with the civilians to evacuate?

Do the murderous gangs in the Democratic Republic of Congo alert the populations of the other side before they attack them? Leave aside the messages on social media, are the civilians in Congo alerted in any way, shape or from before they are attacked by the Tutsis or the Hutis or whoever is perpetrating the killing there? Of course not. So let’s not pretend that the world, or the Muslims, are so concerned with this conflict due to the amount of suffering it inflicts. There is something else at play here.

The reason behind the Muslim attention

The reason why this conflict riles the world’s Muslims more than any other conflict on the globe is that it is the Jews who are possessing a land formerly conquered by Islam, and not just any other land but the land that symbolizes Isaac’s birthright as the chosen heir to Abraham (as opposed to Spain which was also conquered by Muslims but does not have the significance of the Land of Israel). This touches such a sensitive chord in so many Muslims so they’re probably not aware of it themselves, but it remains in the collective psyche, or the collective pain body as Eckhart Tolle would put it, as a very painful event that needs to be rectified.

It is neither a case of any normal reaction to European or American colonialism, it is much deeper than that. Millions of Algerians and Pakistanis who gained independence from Britain and France rushed to seek citizenship in those countries after the war. Colonialism did not deter those countries to seek alliances with the Western countries post-colonialism.

But the very existence of Israel is an affront to any believing Muslim around the world and continues to be so for the reasons mentioned above.

The absence of any moral concerns is evident in the feverish opposition to the Israeli war effort throughout the whole Muslim world and in the entire Muslim Diaspora in the West. There is absolutely no shame, no shame whatsoever, in how the Muslims have conducted themselves since this conflict began.

They proudly go around with keffiyehs and Palestinian symbols on the streets of Europe and elsewhere and indeed celebrated the October 7th atrocities. The Muslims immediately protested against the Israeli responses to the atrocities and continue to do so. These reactions are another form of warfare, nothing else. It is the warfare of the weaker party, since the military options for the Muslim world to deploy against Israel are now limited.

There is no moral calculus, no understanding of cause and effect, no moral reckoning with the disaster that Hamas causes the Palestinians in Gaza, no reckoning with Egypt for not opening their borders to Palestinian refugees, no reckoning with Iran and Qatar who are funding and supporting the terror and wars we’re seeing. Except for some broadcasts on certain TV channels in the Muslim world, and maybe in closed diplomatic circles, the Muslim culpability doesn’t cause a stir on the Muslim street. All the blame is put on the victims-Israel and the Jews.

The ramifications for Western societies

The ripple effects for Western society in general have also not been normal. The ripple effects that were unleashed by these terrorist attacks were felt throughout the Western World. As far away as Sydney, Australia people were chanting “Gas the Jews, Death to the Jews”. But something more pervasive than Anti-Semitism is at play here.

In the UK as many as 300 000 people in London marched “against the war” on Armistice Day in the UK, which commemorates the British soldiers who sacrificed their lives to defend their country and democracy in the First and Second World Wars. The choosing of this date to crowd the streets for any other cause than what that hallowed date in the British calendar commemorates would have been offensive, and indeed unpatriotic. But to protest for a cause that is linked to barbaric mass murders and rape of civilians by Islamist terrorists, and climbing on British statues and monuments, while doing so, signifies something else.

The protests have been ongoing and relentless, as they are indeed just another response to the Israel war effort. In absence of any military means to defeat Israel the Muslim world resorts to protests and social media campaigns, and in some cases physical attacks against Jews as a means of warfare.

But the wider significance of these protests are that Muslim fifth-columnists are signaling a civilian take over as exemplified by the slogan “Global Intifada”, which has been seen at demonstrations against Israel in the West. They now have the numbers to seriously make their presence felt in the West, and many indeed feel they have taken over the streets already. Entire areas of the Western cities are dominated by Muslim populations and Muslim criminal gangs.

The collusion between the Western left and Muslim forces

The far-leftists are happy to join this anti-Western, anti-Jewish festival, without understanding fully what they are signing up for. They think this is just another anti-capitalist, anti-Western agenda, just like the Iranian communists did when they cooperated with the Islamists against “the imperialist Shah of Iran”, only to be massacred and purged by the Islamic revolution shortly thereafter.

In the same way will far-leftists in the West be purged and massacred by the Muslim believers should they ever spread their caliphate to the West, which they are indeed seeking to do. This Muslim uprising in the West is indeed an attempted takeover.

The far-left is undergirded by a more moderate but even more insidious liberal left, largely in control of the public service media and state institutions and among many of the political parties, where any politician seeking to counteract this Islamic takeover, like Gert Wilders in Holland and Jimmie Åkesson in Sweden, is branded “a populist”, “a racist”, “a fascist” and so on. These left-wing media outlets seek to indoctrinate peoples’ minds in the West and convince them that the US and Israel are the source of all the world’s woes and that “the multicultural society” is the highest good, the end which justifies all means. This indoctrination takes place day and night, day after day, year after year, month after month, since the late 1960’s approximately (I am only talking about the liberal and moderate left here, the hard left’s war against Israel has been going on for much longer than that). There are significant signs that this indoctrination has stopped working however, and that large sectors of the public have started developing an immunity to the politically correct agenda and don’t trust the liberal-left media agenda.

The unholy alliance between the left and the Islamists is exemplified in the reactions to Israel’s participation in the Eurovision song contest to be held in the heavily Muslim dominated town of Malmö, the third biggest city in Sweden, with about 20 percent Muslims.

A long list of celebrities signed a petition that they would boycott the song contest due to Israel’s participation in it. At the same time, an Israeli TV crew discovered that some local Muslims want to bomb the festival and made terror threats.

We here see that the war against Israel and the Jews is simultaneously waged on two different fronts; one front is the political and cultural war waged by leftists in the West, and the other part is the physical war of terror waged by the Muslim world against Jews and Israel.

In the next chapter we will go into depth on the differences between these different fronts and see how they manifest themselves.

About the Author
Tobias Goldman is a deep thinker with a passion for all things Jewish and a huge interest in the world. He wears his heart on his sleeve but his mind is always at work. After long journeys in Israel and the UK he is back in Sweden, but his heart and mind wander freely. Communicates through the written and spoken word as well as song.
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