The Israeli job market is growing rapidly – career guidance

After you finally finished your studies, it’s time to check the job market and choose job that’s satisfying for your individual situation. Prepare for a time filled with sending lots of emails that contain your perfect resume, presenting your portfolio to the companies you are interested in and so on. It’s going to be busy, you might encounter some disappointments on the way, but the final outcome will be the one you desire. There are so many countries that are great for starting a successful career that it would be difficult to include all of them in one single article. This one is going to talk about the Israeli job market, which seems to be growing visibly. The past few years were very productive for Israel, which made people consider this country for their future career prospects. Here are some details about the Israeli job market and several career guidance tips that will get you a job in no time:

Internationals looking for jobs in Israel

Foreigners started to search for jobs in Israel, even if they are unpaid internships in huge companies. The industries that are desperately seeking for new employees include medicine, marketing, education, anything related to business or technology. Israel is open to hiring internationals and they don’t make it difficult for them to get hired. Computer programmers and engineers are the ones that can find a job in the shortest time possible. The majority of internationals that get jobs rapidly in Israel come from Europe and North America. In order to get a certified job, internationals have to pass some exams and have to obtain several licenses. Some professions require a permanent resident permit. All the exams are administered in Israel.

The language barrier

Hebrew is the official language in Israel, but you won’t need to speak it as soon as you start working here. Even though your job might not require Hebrew for completing day-to-day activities, you’ll need to learn the basics to manage to communicate with your future co-workers. Israel companies offer the chance to participate in intensive Hebrew courses for all their employees. Pay attention to the job position that you apply to, as some companies may require speaking Hebrew. The language barrier can slow down the process of getting a job. Talking about languages, if you are a proficient or native English speaker, you can teach English part-time, as Israeli people need English professors at all times.

Building a resume to fit the Israeli job market

You can find resume templates online if you want to build a professional one that will attract all eyes. In Israel, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Even though you don’t speak Hebrew, it would be advised to have your resume translated and offer both variants of it to the potential employer. Learning a few words in Hebrew might be a plus during the interview as well. Try to include in your resume all the details that recommend you for the respective position and give explicit details about your certifications.

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