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The Jerusalem Post continues to spread terrorist propaganda without clarification

The situation for bystanders is often confusing because of the many factors and many lies concerning Palestinian Arabs. Let me therefore begin with a parallel to clarify what would be bad reporting.

Just imagine that a news outlet reports having talked to Neo-Nazis like this: They declare that the Jews are still gaining influence and world power. They further claim that their thirst for non-Jewish blood goes on unabated, only trumped by their lust for money. Also, …

Now, these antisemitic statements are not put into context by adding “they declare,” “they claim.” What is needed not to just be spreading hatred for Jews is to give reality with the fairytales and blood libels.

Same for this new flood of Jerusalem Post Palestinian “analyses.”

First of all, the people interviewed are not Palestinian leaders but ruthless terrorists who terrorize their own population worse than the Nazis oppressed the German people.

Second, the lies need to be confronted by the facts to not just be a spokesperson for terrorist propaganda:

  • The article claims that the fighting has forced Israel to go abide by earlier agreements but it also states that Israel started the fighting. This is contradictory. Further, Israel did not start the fighting. And if there were noncompliance, you don’t shoot rockets.
  • The “analysis” states that the Junta won a ceasefire agreement with “easing the blockade on the Gaza Strip; allowing international relief organizations to assist families whose houses were destroyed in the last round of fighting; and an end to Israeli targeted assassinations and expanding the fishing zone for Palestinian fishermen.” Well, pardon us for noting that the blockade is by Israel AND Egypt against import of weapons from Iran; that the buildings destroyed were not family houses but military buildings; that the Israeli targeted assassinations only resumed (after 4 years) because the Junta didn’t want to stop shooting rockets; and that the fishing zone was only recently restricted because of renewed violence from the strip.
  • The “analysis” claims that Israel should stop shooting at the weekly demonstrations. In fact, Arab Palestinian sharpshooters hit two Israeli soldiers last Friday which was met by the army shooting back. Which was used by the Palestinian Gentiles’ Junta as a pretext the next morning, to shoot 700 missiles at Israeli population centers (a crime against humanity). These rockets are paid for by money granted to help the Junta take care of the Strip’s population’s real needs. NB: The rockets were not shot “toward Israel” but rather into Israel. Or is this a hint about the rockets that never made it, in one case killing a toddler and unborn child for which the Post blamed Israel (no correction)?
  • The report voices that the criticism on Israel’s Prime Minister shows that he agreed to a ceasefire because he got forced to capitulate. In truth, Netanyahu was criticized from right to left BECAUSE he agreed to a ceasefire.
  • Further, the Jerusalem Post conveys in the terrorists’ name that Israel cannot reoccupy the Strip. Truth is it never occupied it. There were only some Jews living in a buffer zone around it.
  • Then it quotes another “analyst” who claims that “Netanyahu “chose the wrong timing” [sic.] to launch military strikes against the Gaza Strip.” Israel chose nothing. Everyone agrees that the Junta in Gaza thought to profit from Israel’s upcoming Independence Day and Eurovision Song Festival hosting.
  • The spokesperson agrees that “the resistance [sic.] groups saw an opportunity to pressure Israel.” This is the Junta’s blackmail that every decent analysis talks about. This needs stating.
  • It’s worth anyone’s while to read the last sentences of the “analysis” where the con artist or the journalist gets tangled up in the web of lies resulting in a total lack of consistency of pronouncements. Without any clarification that this can’t be true, leaving the reader puzzled or lose interest.

Who needs Al Jazeera with the Jerusalem Post spreading terrorist propaganda?

This whole analysis is one fig leaf from the terrorists trying to hide that the aggressors from Gaza accomplished nothing but committing war crimes.


And yet another “analysis” in the JPost. Same day. A sob story about how the Gazans suffer more than the Israelis. Cause of the almost war? Israel doesn’t allow for enough money to come into the Strip.

Again, not a word about terrorists terrorizing and sucking dry the populous.

Pretending that no money means war is an involuntary reflex rather than a choice for evil.

Not a word that Israel tries to spare the Arab Palestinian population and that the Junta targets (only) the Israeli population.

More propaganda in the JPost? We have hardly buried our deaths.


After these “analyses,” the Post sat not still. It reports that Gaza terrorists have now threatened to strike the Eurovision Song Festival. It’s not smart to air such a threat because what they want most is publicity. Just ignore them.

Not so the Jerusalem Post. They must continue to give them a voice.


After that, the JPost continues with “real” reporting.

Now we get to hear from a Hamas official that “charitable organizations” will compensate homeowners with $1000 each whose houses were [supposedly — MM] destroyed by the Israeli Air Force and also renters who lost their homes.

The dirty little secret is that no houses from normal citizens were destroyed at all. Only from high Hamas officials and Jihad terrorists. And even if they were, the occupants would not be paid a cent.

Reality is completely absent as only the terrorist spokesperson speaks without getting critical questions or the readers hearing the contrasting truth.


This all on the day before we remember our fallen from 120 years of trying to found, establish and maintain a Jewish State. A bit much, it is.

I understand that the Junta doesn’t leave journalists free to write the truth but since when is the Jerusalem Post then obligated to publish such a pack of lies?

You can’t say: But the Palestinians are allowed to have their opinions publicized. First of all, there is no freedom of speech in the Gaza Strip. And secondly, the terrorist spokespeople lie and lies are not opinions.

Everyone is allowed alternative visions but not alternative facts.

It is not enough if the JPost also carries contrary articles that ARE factual. Fake news reports are read and spread on their own. No analysis should obligate a reader to search for and read a whole host of other analyses to get a faint idea of what really goes on. That’s not an analysis; that’s a smokescreen.

The Jerusalem Post readers need to revolt but they won’t. They sleep. What happened to this fine right-of-the-center decent publication that once was the Palestinian Post? Maybe it’s time to readopt that name.

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