The Joy and trials of the Olim

As I prepare my life for what is ahead, I can truly appreciate the Joy of looking forward to living in Israel. I love New York City through and my time here is precious to me. New York with all the problems we have from Corona and a Mayor who shows signs of anti semetism is going through the storm.  NYC still has light in the darkness of these present days. There’s plenty of wonderful Jews here and also some kind-hearted Gentiles.

We live in the midst of over 8 million people and we are still getting along fairly well. It’s not perfect but life is like a sweet and sour chicken dinner, you have both good and awkward people all sharing the same place. I like Jewish weddings when they serve the pre hoopah meal. Sweet and sour chicken, fish, salads and some expensive Scotch on the table. Usually, the best L’chiam is at weddings and it has a picture of a deer on the label, or some other fine emblem. Do we still have weddings here in Brooklyn? Some might wonder. Yes, barely we are able to celebrate them. Recently this week Governor Cuomo blasted us with a rebuke of a 2,000 party wedding that had to be done secretly. Even some of our Jewish funerals have had the Mayor send Policemen to yell at the Religious for gathering during the Coronavirus. Is this a pogrom some muttered? No, we are just following orders, we police will still protect you.

Okay, the sweet and sour chicken was good. we’re all mixed together but at least we can remember the sweetness of Marriage and forget the trials of being Jewish in a Liberal Democratic City. The Democrats have turned on us, but we look forward to seeing better days ahead.

We lost Shabbos for a number of months, but it returned to us after Pesach. No more than ten people are allowed in any worship gathering they yelled at us through our television sets and radios. Oy Veh, we need to use the back door where the women enter some of our Chasidim quietly spoke. Do you remember the speakeasies during prohibition? The Religious became like them as a big brother was scolding us and shaming us here in NYC.

Surely Israel is a better situation for us Jews, a place where we can be Jewish without having any other expectations. If we are wise we will keep the Israel Torah observant without being to forceful. Messianic life is not our desire, we choose to love Christian people but stay Jewish. I have seen the struggle of Missionaries in Brighton Beach Brooklyn and believe we should keep separate, yet respect them individually. Too many of our dear Russian Jews have fallen prey to them. But the Chabad are there to drink some vodka with them on Shabbat.

I have visited Israel 3 times and love the Country. Religious are much more chilled out than NYC. The secular Jews are somewhat confused at what it means to be Israeli in these days, as many Russian people moved to the Land. I met one Russian in a hostel in Jerusalem. He gave me insight into what it means to be Russian. He said, ” In Russia we were asked by the people your Jewish aren’t you”. ” In Israel or NYC we are only referred to as the “Russians”.  ” Are you a Communist”? No they don’t exist in Russia, it is more like America used to be while the Democratic party resembles the old KGB.

In Israel, we should all be treated well, with real equality whether we practice Torah, or sit alone on Rothchild Blvd. trying to heal from the wounds of anti-Semitism in the  West. Many are not grasping their Abrahamic roots of giving it all to God. That’s okay, life is a journey and the years before they can be redeemed. Okay, secular Jews are a mystery to many Religious, and many Religious see the Russian Jews as a mystery as well. Chesed though is the answer; and we all need that from each other.

I look forward to befriending people from both of these groups. Anyone whose heart was set on a pilgrimage to Eretz Israel deserves our embrace to strengthen them. Olim are coming in a greater measure now. They ask questions in English and at times the kind response is Do you speak Evret? Well, we’re working on that. Whether we only speak Russian or English, we followed our hearts to the Land of Promise. May we be worthy of the higher calling of becoming citizens of Israel. We are the wave of Jews who are willing to start over again with our lives, like Abraham. We are the children of the promise who are being gathered back to Israel after being scattered. We are the light shining in the darkness of this International Politically correct confusion. We got tired of the darkness. May Holy One be gracious to us and the people of Israel and give us a warm embrace. We have family who may have sown this seed of Aliyah through their words or through prayer. We are the embrace of  Yahweh to each other. May you water our tender shoots of new citizenship so as to help us to bear good fruit and somehow bless Israel with our lives that are now shared with you. Oh and by the way, why is Central Park up above the Kotel area it is so lovely. “You must be from New York the response came back.” ” Yes sir I am he said, I’m looking for the wedding but I must be in the wrong wedding hall. The wedding is downstairs at the Kotel, there’s still plenty of vodka left, go enjoy. Shalom Alechem to all of Israel.

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I am originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I love writing on Judaism. Truth is sometimes harder to believe then the lies we hear today so keep your heart open to it and do research on the web.
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