The Juche idea and Donald Trump

I’ve been thinking about religion recently. People have been saying that Donald Trump is not religious and has been playing his religious followers about his faith. I disagree. The President has a deep faith and he’s very religious, but not in Christianity. The Republican Party has adopted this faith wholeheartedly but officially refuses to admit it. It’s troubling.

What is this religion? What is this deep faith that President Trump has begun to devote himself to? The Juche idea: the state religion of North Korea. What is the Juche idea? While it’s officially a political ideology, Juche (pronounced ju-chay), it’s a religion, no doubt about it. The thing was officially invented by Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of the present North Korean dictator. Il Sung and his son Jung IL are considered gods in heaven and grandson Jung Un is a god-king, like in the days of yore. So it is with Donald Trump. He does not worship the Kim dynasty, not at all, but he does worship himself and makes all his supporters to the same.

The Juche idea is nothing less than Fuehrer worship. Just like Stalin and Mao.

Juche has other aspects too. North Korea has “enshrined ‘self-reliance and self-development’” as the new ideological theme, and so has America after all, “make America Great again” and ‘America First!” are just localized versions of ‘self-reliance and self-development’?”

In a recent interview, Kim Chang Kyong,, department head at the North Korea’s Social Scientists Association, stated that “The essence of the Juche idea is that man is the master of his own destiny.” Total BS, of course, but it sounds like something out of the GOP’s platform. It also sounds like what’s celebrated at Kwanza, but that’s a subject for a different article.

There are templ…er…monuments to the Juche idea and Trump is planning stuff like that too. From all that can be seen, he’s hooked. He even sands love letters to Kim Jung Un from time to time.

So that’s what we have to deal with., democracy vs. juche. It’s a dangerous Ideology, but it has a name and it’s not conservative at all.

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