Ryan Aviv Fagan
A Jew in the Frozen North (Minnesota)

The Long US National Nightmare is Soon Over

Well, we did it!  Trump has been defeated and the United States and American Jews such as myself are better off because of it. Without the critical support of America’s Jewish population, Trump just might have pulled off a win and the unprecedented anti-semitism, white supremacy, and all the other things bad for us that have been skyrocketing since Trump took office would have another four years to get even worse.

Without support from Jews in America, Biden would have lost Pennsylvania.  There are roughly 450,000 Jews in Pennsylvania.  Over 80 percent of them are adults.  Of those adults, 80 percent on average vote.  These Jewish voters split for Biden by a 3-to-1 margin.  Yes, I know that not all Jewish voters in all states vote the same. Pennsylvania is just one example.  One state may have a more liberal-leaning Jewish population compared to Another, but in general, like it or not, Jewish voters in the United States vote blue more often than not.

Donald Trump will, of course, deny this is true.  He will blame the Jews of America for being “disloyal” and deny that it was his coddling of white supremacists and other racist groups that played a role in driving away the Jewish vote.  As I have always said, it isn’t a deep love of Jews that drives his “love” of Israel… It’s the evangelical vote that drives this “love” and nothing else.

We all know why evangelicals “love” Israel.  It doesn’t end well for us.

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