The Most Israeli Text Message I Ever Received

B’ezrat Hashem, this week I will be going to the Kotel with my daughter’s preschool .  Her teacher  suggested the trip as a fun way to celebrate Chanukah, with one or both parents joining each child for the special visit.

Some of the parents were nervous to travel to Jerusalem.

No, not because of measles.

Because of the stabbing attacks.

It’s a bit ironic, as just last week our friends in Jerusalem were offering us refuge from the latest barrage of Gaza rockets.

But these parents grew up in the South. Rockets are terrifying, but they’ve become a part of life. Jerusalem’s stabbing attacks are different. They’re new, and unknown. There’s no tzeva adom.

And so, I received a text — or rather, a WhatsApp message, because, after all, this is Israel – from the kindergarten teacher.

* * *

Dear Parents,

We will have a police escort with us while we are in Jerusalem. 

Three of the fathers chaperoning the field trip will be armed, and our father in heaven will also be with us. 

I hope this is reassuring.

The kids are all very excited.

* * *

For me, the only American mother in the class, the message made me smile.

It is a reminder of how our adopted Israeli community is the perfect mix of practical and spiritual, and how society here will always promote new experiences for our children while keeping them safe.

About the Author
Menucha Saitowitz earned her degree in psychology and religion from Dartmouth University in 2010. Since making Aliyah in 2011, She has worked to develop Israel's periphery, with an emphasis on the South. She loves that she and her husband are raising their 3 sabras in Be'er Sheva, where they have integrated into the local Moroccan culture.
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