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The mullahs’ regime in Iran is engulfed in fear

Esmail Qaani is a general among the IRGC's thugs and terrorist commander of its Quds Force / Picture in Persian Social Media - Free for any platforms

These days, due to the incompetence, foolhardiness, delusion, self-aggrandizement, and hollowness of the authorities of the Islamic Caliphate of the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist in Tehran, the shadows of war, anxiety, fear, and terror have fallen on the noble, dignified, and intelligent people of Iran. No one knows what will happen, but whatever it is, the corrupt and barbaric clerical regime has no military power or capability. Everything is a display of vulgarity, vindictiveness, and foolishness.

In their delusions, due to false propaganda, they consider themselves representatives of God and the fictitious 12th Imam, who does not exist in reality. In these same delusions and false propaganda, they present their power as unimaginable to a segment of the illiterate, follower, and religious population who are supposed to remain in power for centuries, and one day, this fictitious Imam will emerge from a well with a sword and after 1000 years, will massacre humanity! And no one knows why the Creator of the world, according to any religion or belief, should assign the mission of destroying all of humanity to an illiterate swordsman. This is fake, for sure.

From the day they fired missiles, in other words a bunch of barrels of gunpowder and firecrackers from the soil of Iran, they effectively threw Iran into the abyss of war and destruction. But criminal ayatollahs have no sympathy for the people of Iran, and their mission, as servants of Russia and China, is the destruction of Iran. Factually, Israel has never insulted the people of Iran and its diverse religions and sects. Israel is not officially in favor of partitioning and disintegrating Iran, Israel has never sought to erase Iran from the map, Israel has never installed a countdown to Iran’s destruction on its streets, Israel has never sought the destruction of Iran, Israel has never provoked terrorist groups against Iran, but the Islamic Republic has done all these things. Although the world knows that the people of Iran are different from the occupying clerical government and are fundamentally unrelated to Iran and its people. The people of Iran neither want nor are in favor of a devastating war. For many years, throughout the history of the monarchy in Iran, Jews have taken refuge in Iran and have been respected. In the latest cities of Iran, from Sanandaj to Tehran and Isfahan, Jews have had schools, and young Jewish boys and girls have married people of other religions. No one seeks war and destruction except the barbaric and uncivilized clerics.

Whenever the mullahs see Israeli fighter jets & the Iron fist & arrogance over their head, they’ll then understand that their warmongering, sedition, terrorism, nonsense, & IRGC‘s baseless claims & vulgar displays of power will not go unanswered. Generally, the mullahs in Iran have learned the art of trickery, & Israel knows the mullah’s book well. Without understanding the mullah’s book, one can’t defeat them.

However, Israel has shown respect for Iranians by inaugurating Cyrus Street, by inviting the crown Prince Reza Pahlavi as a symbol of Iranian history and a popular figure among young Iranians to Israel in 2023, and by always respectfully mentioning the Iranian nation in Persian in most of the foreign ministry’s media. Of course, sometimes the people of Iran have been hurt by some separatist voices, but they all know that the main policy of the Israeli government and state is not like this, and they all emphasize friendship and brotherhood and good relations between the two historical nations.

But the most significant obstacle to peace, stability, and tranquility between the two countries is the terrifying and detestable mafia of the clerics, which may one day, like the Holocaust Museum, open a museum in Iran and Israel to display the crimes of the most disreputable clerics throughout history so that humanity may become more acquainted with this tumultuous and warmonger tribe.

With these hollow claims, meaningless slogans, and malicious goals, servitude to China and Russia, the Iranian regime has risen to war with Israel. But it is fearful and knows it will lose, and the conditions for regime change in Iran are being prepared because the people of Iran have seen nothing but betrayal and crime from this abhorrent, criminal, barbaric, hooligan, and lawless group in these 45 years. No one from the people of Iran participates in the clerics’ war against Israel. But these are amazing historical moments, just as humanity in the 20th century witnessed the destruction of apartheid and communism, perhaps Israel has risen alone to destroy Islamic terrorism and radical Islam, whose center is Tehran. And after their destruction, peace and comfort will return to the Middle East and the world, and the American Democrats, with their leftist Marxist and Islamist (reformist) conspiracy, cannot save this cancerous growth.

The translation of the provided text from Persian to English is as follows:

“Of course, during this time, the mullahs and the regime’s propaganda machine have not been idle. They have infiltrated hundreds of regime affiliates, disguised as journalists, analysts, specialists, and experts, into Persian media – mostly under the influence of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence – to ensure that the dominant discourse in Iranian society does not turn to regime change.

Ali Khamenei, in brown robe with Iranian military leaders, has praised terrorists of Hamas for its cross-border attack on Israel. /ZUMA PRESS – Free for all platforms

Strangely enough, under the watchful eyes of the FBI, CIA, and DHS, Persian language televisions and radios officially supported by the US government have become platforms for reformist proponents of the mullahs’ regime. Or, in the chaotic media mafia market of Los Angeles, a notorious swindler on an online television station gathers all regime supporters around himself, one day shedding tears for Hamas and another day issuing a general pardon for the murderous Revolutionary Guards, and perhaps soon after, he will lament the slapping of mullahs by the Iranian people and turn into a moral instructor.

Iranian society is profoundly isolated and mostly because the mullahs are facing defeat and lack the capability for direct warfare, yet by any means and trickery, they want to prevent the downfall of their bloodthirsty and oppressive regime and continue to be a thorn in the side.”

Only a society that might make jokes in a warlike atmosphere against its own country’s thuggish, terrorist, corrupt, and inept military are the clever Iranians.

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Erfan Fard is a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, Counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and Ethnic conflicts in MENA. \He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA), and is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. Follow him in this twitter account @EQFARD
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