The old virus

Armies of Hitler Youth


In 21st century clothing

Transported to Melbourne

Screaming ‘Kill the Jews’


Jews are….

the rats of Matt Chun’s Instagram

the tentacles of Jenny Leong

the engorged noses on the ‘People of Balaclava’ murals

Nasser Mashni’s Domino

that must fall over

to cure the world of the Jew-cancer


See what you are!

Non-humans, Jews

No human rights for you

‘Time to take out the trash’

Cancelled! Cancelled! Cancelled!


Where are the Jews

Fuck the Jews

Gas the Jews


I am inside my grandparents’

Holocaust dream

About the Author
Ellina Zipman is a published poet, writer and academic. Ellina has a PhD in Positive ageing and education. Ellina’s poetry collection “Through My Jewish Eyes” was published by Poetica Publishing in 2021.
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