Christos Loutradis
Christos Loutradis

The only stable thing in an unstable region

It is not a breakthrough analysis to recognize the fact that we are witnessing a tremendous shift in the geopolitical spectrum of our world and mainly in our region. Important players of international politics that influence the outcome of the politics in Middle East region , are altering their alliances and their long term targets.

Take for example Turkey. Under the shocking influence of the collapse of the economical miracle , that was mainly product of Erdogan’s policies on the beginning of his political reign, and the deterioration of the Turkish-USA relations it is obvious that Turkey is not part anymore of the Western alliance as the only nation of the Muslim world that was near the targets of NATO and the United States of America had set for the region. The flirt with Russia and Iran will produce results that will formulate a new status quo of regional players that do not share the same values and targets that are shared from NATO , USA , Israel and other regional players.

Another interesting perspective is that this newly-formulated alliance is not based in common shared values and principles but is solely product of the new reality that is shaped in our region after the collapse of the Turkish-American relations and the sanctions of USA against Iran. The real-politik aspect of this alliance is the main reason why we cannot come to long term conclusions of where and until when this alliance will last and what outcomes will product in the important issues that our region faces for decades. In addition , the personality of Turkish President Erdogan and financial problems that his country faces is making the art of lasting conclusions even more difficult as the unpredictable nature of Turkish President’s personality along with the crisis that his nation faces may produce unpredictable results.

All the above mentioned reasons are a signal of the importance of the Israeli-Greek-Cyprus alliance that has formulated the previous reasons. These three countries are the only nations in the region that share a common system of democratic and liberal values and have the same targets of a common future of prosperity and geopolitical stability , the acceleration of the cooperation between these three countries in all the main issues that our region faces is of outmost importance as this is the only way for keeping our region safe and democratic.

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Chris graduated from the University of Panteion with a bachelors in sociology, and earned an MSc in Media , Culture and Society at the University of Essex. He was a trainee at Thomson Reuters, and worked at various news websites, such as Huffington Post Greek edition, Hurriyet Daily news and others.
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