The Orwellian Jewish Problem – Addendum

Hamas and its sister terrorist group, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, carried out a brutal 20-year terrorist campaign involving suicide bombing against civilian targets between 1989 and 2008.

Per Wikipedia, this comprised 87 ‘successful’ attacks, claiming hundreds of Israeli civilian lives, and many multiples more which were prevented.

Targeting shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and markets, Hamas aimed to maximise civilian casualties.

The suicide bombers would pack their bombs with nails and other shrapnel, and often worked in pairs with a second bomber targeting the emergency response.

This same Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007, i.e., even while the suicide bombing campaign continued.

Both Israel and Egypt imposed a blockade on Gaza thereafter. This blockade has been eased time and again for humanitarian reasons.

No government – neither Egypt nor Israel – would sit back and allow its civilian population to be systematically targeted without response.

Perhaps it was no coincidence that soon after the blockade came into effect, the suicide bombing campaign came to an end.

And yet today, the narrative around the blockade of Gaza by global media and international institutions rarely mentions the brutality of Hamas’ 20-year wave of suicide bombings against Israeli civilians.

Rather, it focuses on chastising Israel – but notably not Egypt – for ‘inflicting collective punishment on Gazans’ and transforming Gaza into an ‘open air prison’

So when Hamas committed its most recent and horrific brutality, massacring over a 1,400 innocent civilians inside Israel, too many educated people defended Hamas’ actions, even in the face of all the ‘grizzly details’, as a ‘natural response’ to the Gaza blockade.

In this way, the short-term media cycle that manufactures pressure on Israel to stop a specific defensive action combines with a longer-term media cycle which not only justifies the brutality of the terrorists’ actions based on the very defensive measures Israel put in place to protect its civilians from the same terrorists, but also manufactures pressure that somehow, perversely, the way to prevent another massacre of this kind by Hamas is to take away the defensive measures Israel puts in place to defend its civilian population and thereby render Israeli civilians defenseless. 

About the Author
Adam Gross is a strategist that specialises in solving complex problems in the international arena. Adam made aliyah with his family in 2019 to live in northern Israel.
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