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Biblical Gematria was a system of formal mathematics.

The Promised Land: a Spiritual or Physical territory?

"The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise" by Benjamin West (1791).
Public Domain.
"The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise" by Benjamin West (1791). Public Domain.

Political Zionism has always been enough for me. It made sense for Jews to have a Jewish homeland in 1948, and it still makes sense to me today, although if wishes were fishes I would wish for a two state solution. No, it’s the vision of a greater Israel held by religious Zionists and some evangelical Christians that makes me so scared for Israel that these days you can see the whites of my eyes. It’s terribly depressing. If wishes were fishes we’d all cast nets.

Listening to a news report yesterday, a lady with a lovely Queens (NY) accent said “Jews are supposed to be in Israel! It says so in the Bible!” And I thought of the Bible verses that are used to back this claim to land spanning “from the river to the river” and grimaced a little. “She’s not read those with PaRDeS” I said to the radio. Talking back to the radio is something we older people do. And then I thought about the Settlers, and Smotrich and Ben-Gvir and his cronies and the tactics of the IDF in Gaza (which is obviously intended on displacing the Gazans into Egypt) and realized just how deep and catastrophic the ignorance of PaRDeS goes.  Otherwise…

I stopped short. Would PaRDeS really have made a difference? Could it make a difference now? Probably not. People tend to believe what they want to believe, so if little old me raises my little slightly depressed voice to say in my usual quiet tones “actually … the Christians were right (for once) about Genesis 15:18? The “land” promised to descendants of Abram in the covenant wasn’t a physical but a spiritual place – and was indeed the very same ‘Kingdom of God'” that Jesus used to bang on about so much – won’t my quiet words get lost in the hurricane of loud, indignant voices saying otherwise? Probably. But here goes. I dedicate this, my last ToI blog entry on Gematria and the Merkabah, to the Prophets of Israel.

The Prophets (of course) always knew the deal and would tell all Israel the deal in strident tones filled with warnings about fire and brimstone, that all the people of Israel had to do was keep the Seven Laws of Noach: Don’t kill people. Don’t fool around with other people’s wives. Don’t raise idols and worship them. Don’t be cruel to animals. Don’t curse God. Don’t steal. And make sure everyone has recourse to the law.  Simple. No biggie. Right? And an entire people who kept these laws would surely, as day follows night, be entitled to the spiritual realm of light above the earth, and below the House of God. They would inspire the goyim to follow the example of God’s chosen, and would be known as righteous by all. However – if they broke those Laws and raised their hands against YHWH, they would be cast out from that same divine realm they had worked so hard to raise themselves up to. Divine favour would be removed, and with it would be lost any territory they held on earth. We all know the story of the Prophets. They would warn Israel again and again. Israel didn’t listen, over and over. Then catastrophes would happen, repeatedly. Apparently keeping seven simple laws isn’t easy. Who knew?

Lets have a look see at the gematria and notariqon of Genesis 15:18, so we can understand why the Prophets got so upset, and why Jesus (if he existed), or at least the Jewish writers of the Gospels, insisted that the inheritance of Abraham was the Kingdom of God rather than some sort of strictly defined piece of real estate.

ביום ההוא כרת יהוה את אברם ברית לאמר לזרעך נתתי את הארץ הזאת מנהר מצרים עד הנהר הגדל נהר פרת
“In the day that made YHWH and Abram a covenant saying to your seed I given land this from the river of Egypt unto the river great river Perat.

The notariqon of this is:
ב ה כ י א א ב ל ל נ א ה ה מ מ ע ה ה נ פ = 452
which is the gate value of the Palace of the Resh on the Merkabah. That’s above the earth and below the house of God. See my diagram of it on Shematria, or elsewhere in this blog. 452 is also the iteration of the name Jacob: י יע יעק יעקב :: the gematria of Genesis 3:7 ע ב עלה תאנה חגרת which reports how the eyes of Adam and Eve were opened after eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The Palace of Resh is a spiritually solar enviro by all reports.

The gematria of this verse is:
יהוה אברם ברית ז הארץ ס – מ + ררר ס פרת – 1752
so subtract 452 from 1752 for a final total of 1300.

The words for “river” in this verse has the set value of 60 for the letter Samekh, and “great river” is samekh x 10 which is 600 – represented by the 3 letters Resh in the calculation. The word “seed” has the set value of the letter Zayin (7). The word Egypt has the set value of the letter Mem (40) and the subtraction in the verse is indicated by the word עַד which means “unto”.

Note that the authority of this verse is stamped upon the calculations when we read the notariqon of verses 18-19 together which sum to 480:
ב ה כ י א א ב ל ל נ א ה ה מ מ ע ה ה נ פ א ה ו ה ו ה = 480

This is the same notariqon result from Genesis 2:10 which discusses the rivers that emerge from Eden.
ש ה פ ה ה א כ א ה א ש ה ו ה ה ט ש ה ו ה ו ה ה ג ה ה א כ א כ ו ה ה ח ה ה ק א ו ה ה פ = 480
It’s also the gate of the letter Waw in the Holy Name on the Merkabah :: The name of God when iterated using the reversal cipher: י יה יהו יהוה :: The sum of אהיה יהוה [I am YHWH] with the reversal cipher :: and the sum of Genesis 27:40 which is the blessing of Esau חרבך אחיך – עלו + צוארך.

And now lets cross reference the Book of Matthew, verse 13:43. The verse suggests itself for analysis due to its reference to the Sun in connection with the Kingdom of God:

τότε οἱ δίκαιοι ἐκλάμψουσιν ὡς ὁ ἥλιος ἐν τῇ βασιλείᾳ τοῦ Πατρὸς αὐτῶν. ὁ ἔχων ὦτα ἀκουέτω.
Then the righteous will shine forth as the Sun in the Kingdom of the Father of them. He having ears, let him hear!

The notariqon of the verse is:
τ ο δ ε ω ο η ε τ β τ π α ο ε ω α = 490

The gematria of the verse is:
δικαιοι εκλαμψουσιν ηλιος βασιλεια πατρος ο ωτα = 1790
Again, we subtract the notariqon from the gematria as we did with Genesis 15:18, and 1790 – 490 = 1300, which is the identical result.

This is direct evidence from biblical hermeneutics that the idea of a spiritual Kingdom did not come out of nowhere and was not a novel idea proposed by Jesus, or the gospel writers, but was likely a view that was commonly held by Prophets and Jews in antiquity that knew the Merkabah and practiced PaRDeS. It’s interesting that a lust for end times prophecy among evangelical Christian groups today has distorted the original idea of a spiritual Kingdom which is the reward for the righteous. It’s not so difficult to understand why religious Zionists don’t pay it any mind. As I said earlier – people now believe the Bible says whatever they want it to say. Eisigesis and ego has triumphed over Exegesis in our modern world and so we head pell mell for the next reckoning.

1300 is half of 2600 [YHWH is 26]. Only John the Revelator provides us with calculations which reveal his prophetic thinking on the matter of 1300, and these are most dire. It is the notariqon of Revelation 13:18 (the infamous 666 verse): ω η σ ε ο ε ν ψ τ α τ θ α γ α ε κ ο α α ε ε ε = 1300, and it’s also Revelation 9:11: βασιλεα αγγελον αβυσσου אבדון απολλυων = 1300 [“King + Angel + Abyss + Abbadon + Apollyon”].

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Bethsheba Ashe is a fifty two year old tea-drinking cryptographer who broke the gematria ciphers to the Bible and the Book of the Law. She is the author of two books on Biblical Hermeneutics; "Behold: The Art and Practice of Gematria" and "Chariot: An Essay on Bereshit and the Merkabah." She is the creator of the popular ‘Shematria’ online calculator, and inventor of the Galay writing script. Currently she lives in Pennsylvania and is creating an open-world VR Island adventure game with her boyfriend, two cats and a cockatoo, but she says she owes all her success to Tetley.
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