Jerry Stroud
A War Without Equivalence

The protesting of Israel

On Saturday, October 7th, thousands of festival attendees gathered in Israel’s Negev desert enjoying a morning of song and dance. It was a peaceful day as families throughout all of Israel were waking up in the comfort of their homes. One Jewish family member recalls a knock at the front door. The recognizable voice was that of a neighbor calling out to speak with someone.

A family member complied and was immediately confronted by Hamas men with assault rifles forcibly holding the terrified neighbor by the arm. A dozen rounds penetrated the family member’s body, and the Hamas militants pushed through, hunting the rest of the family. It was clear they were not merely out to murder, they had been trained in the disturbing art of creative slaughter. Hamas’s plan was orchestrated to joyfully humiliate, and dehumanize Jewish families. When finished they continued down the street to the next house, for the same purpose, with the same hostage, forcing him to knock on more doors. More families were slaughtered. At every opened door men and women, mothers, daughters, children and even babies were greeted by the Hamas militants only to be shot, raped or purposely dismembered. Many were forced to watch the butchering of their loved ones before they were cut to pieces themselves. It is only when the terrorists came to the last house on the street was the hostage set free of the terrorist grasp. No longer of use he was shot and tossed lifeless to the ground.

This is who the anti-Israel protesters are cheering for as well as who allied nations are asking Israel to negotiate with. No honorable, self preserving nation would subject these annalistic conditions upon its people. Neither would a country, with even a shred of dignity, allow the intentional massacring of its civilians happen without swift retaliation.

So Israel rightfully retaliated. They understood this affront on humanity did not happen merely on a whim, or even happen during wartime. Hamas’s attack was an orchestrated assault on the Jewish people during peacetime that was funded, recruited, and trained for by Iran.

Though casualties inflicted on the Palestine people continue to be devastating and beyond tragic, there is no equivalence between the two warring factions.  Israel’s aggressive response was due to a war they were forced into – again a war Hamas, as well as Iran, knowingly prepared for.

Yet, Israeli forces are the ones consciously dropping leaflets leading Palestine civilians out of harms way, this while Hamas terrorists continue using the Palestine people as disposable body armor to protect themselves.

The same fanatical Islamic ideology applies itself globally. It does not give a free pass to any free thinking country, or exempt the anti-Israel protesters abroad, or spare their friends or loved ones from eventually being slaughtered themselves. If Hamas is capable of making preparations for their own people to be discarded like wastepaper, one can only imagine what they would do to the “invalids” expressing their God given right by indulging in the luxuries of the free world.

About the Author
Jerry Stroud is a published American author whose son is married into a beautiful Jewish family. He understands well, what happens in Israel could happen to any one of us here at home. Consequently, while anti-Israel sentiment is growing, sanctity of life is shrinking. This chilling fact is what has moved Jerry to speak of the inhumanity that is Hamas.
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