Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

The Question

We live in a marvellous world. The earth’s food sustains us. The sun warms, illuminates, and energizes. Growing things are able to wondrously recreate themselves. Modern technology enables people to help each other everywhere, from anywhere.

So why is there suffering?

We don’t know. We know that G-d is omnipotent. He is everywhere, in everything, and controls everything by Divine Providence. We believe that He is greater than we can imagine, so we can accept that His ways are beyond our understanding.

We believe that everything that happened is ultimately for our benefit. And although we don’t presently understand how everything is for our benefit, one day we will understand and appreciate it. And regarding the future, we can strengthen our trust in G-d that He will do good things, in a way that we see is good.

Sometimes our belief leads to silence, as the Torah tells us that when his two sons died, Aaron was silent.

Sometimes we can pray for healing.

Sometimes we can respectfully argue, as Abraham did, to try to save the people of Sodom, and as Moses did to protect his people.

So why do people suffer? We don’t know. But we can still maintain our belief and trust. And we can be optimistic that very soon we will see the complete Redemption, when we will appreciate everything that happened, and we will see a world where there will be no more suffering; and peace and light and warmth will fill the entire world. And then all the nations will know G-d, and we will all serve Him, in a world where G-d’s goodness, light, and warmth will be revealed to all. May it happen very soon.

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