Tzemach Yehudah Richter

The Rebbe, Entebbe – Ted Williams Pkwy, Twin Peaks Road, Poway, CA.


The Chabad RebbeTZ”L,  who passed away 25 years ago on Gimmel Tammuz, was very sensitive to the needs of the younger generation. He developed unique programs to quench the thirst of young Jews like myself who never had the opportunity to study in a Yeshiva or live among religious Jews.

The concept of Tefillin, keeping Shabbat , giving charity; were new to me but very basic to those Chabad Rabbis that I met. It helped me gain confidence to help my  fellow Jew however and whenever I could. This energy came from the Rebbe who was the major power behind Chabad and what it stood for.  The Chabad Houses worldwide and giant Chanuka Menorahs in nearly every city, to name a few, verify how successful the Rebbe was.

The Rebbe would stand for hours on end giving out cups of grape juice and dollar bills. He would hold Farbrengen after Farbrengen  without ever speaking with notes, but with words from his heart. When I davened at 770, it was like the splitting of the Red Sea, when we would stand near the Bima, and the Rebbe would be called to the Torah – the pathway suddenly opened for him to go from his chair straight to the Bima, then the pathway would close, only to open a few minutes later when the Rebbe returned to his seat.

When I was in my Army Uniform in Crown Heights I wanted to experience a Shabbat like I never have before. Thousands of black hats, black bearded men, wearing long black coats with gartels on Shabbat and singing song after song which made the atmosphere lively. You had to be there to have felt the electricity in the air.  Those men and women with their children had an everlasting impact on me and my future path that I would choose to travel.

The Rebbe often mentioned that all Jews are in the Army of Hashem, which is a very nice way to describe who we are and what we stand for. Especially after I had seen with my own eyes how Chabad is willing to help anyway they can, after experiencing it myself.

The Entebbe Rescue  was completed on  July 4, 1976. It was a mission that could only have been successful with G-d’s help and indeed it was. Many times people can look at events as they happen and ask if it was truly a miracle that took place that day. But I think beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Entebbe Rescue had to be classified as a true miracle anyway you look at it. I was a proud Jew that day knowing that G-d still runs the world, and that experience has given me confidence to speak up when I see something very wrong.

I have been speaking up for many months now about the injustice in Congress, and pointed to the recent earthquake in Israel which measured 4.6 on the Richter scale according to my daughter Miriam who was at our Shabbat Table after that quake. I have said that might signal something very significant that will take place this year, since it points to the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

And yesterday  we heard reports that a 6.4 earthquake has shaken California. Right away I began looking into the meaning of that 6.4 measure, and when you compare the numbers, the difference equals 1.8 or 18 years, to be consistent with my previous calculation. So that takes us back to the 18 day period from the time Luis Alvarez testified in Congress to his passing.

Well when you think about it, there is another time period with the number 18,  that, of course, is the number of years since the 9/11 attacks. It’s all connected and it seems Hashem is sending us signs that Moshiach is getting much closer. But we must do our part to bring Moshiach now.

As I previously said,  First Responder Luis Alvarez was born in October, 1965. You will all remember that is the month Sandy Koufax refused to pitch the first game of the World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur.

If I look at recent and upcoming events in baseball I find some very interesting facts that come out.

This year’s All-Star baseball game will take place in Cleveland, home to the Indians. I have written a Blog which shows the American Indians were willing to stop fighting with the white man and have prospered ever since. This is in contrast to the Palestinians who refuse to do so.

But a more interesting event took place on June 6 this year, in that same ballpark the All-Star game is to be played. On that date the Minnesota Twins visited the Cleveland Indians and Twins player Max Kepler tied a record that Ted Williams had established many years ago. Kepler joined Hall of Famer Ted Williams as the only players to have multiple three-homer games against Cleveland. Williams did it in 1946 and 1957.

Kepler entered that game hitless in his last 21 at bats and yet with only three swings of the bat he enters the record books alongside Williams. Kepler was born in Berlin, Germany and attended John F Kennedy High School in Berlin. Kepler wears number 26 and is 26 years old and when you think that the Rebbe’s Yartzeit marks the beginning of the 26th year of the Rebbe’s passing, you must ask yourself if there is any connection since the number 26 is the numerical value of Hashem’s name.

Ted Williams spent his last minor league season in Minneapolis with the Millers minor league team before being called up to the Red Sox where he played his whole career. Williams was born in San Diego, where Chabad of Poway is located.

Poway, California takes its name from an Indian Tribe. In Poway, artifacts such as arrowheads, spear points, metates, grinding stones, and pottery found along the bed of Poway Creek all indicate an early Diegueno presence

The original name of the valley (“Pawiiy” or “Pauwai”) is derived from the Kumeyaay language of the Kumeyaay people who roamed the area for several hundred years before the Spaniards colonised the region.

And to add intrigue to the story, according to Google Maps,  in the City of Poway, there is a major street named Ted Williams Parkway, which continues to an intersection, with the cross street being named Twin Peaks Road. And at that very intersection there appears to be a major shopping center, with a large Target Store, the second store from that Intersection.

Before going any further, just refer to my previous Blog where I mention that I visited the WTC and Fenway Park where Ted Williams played his whole career. Hence this one intersection refers to the places I visited in that one weekend after my release from MOS training in Fort Devens, which was near the small town of Ayer, Mass.

From that baseball game described above I spot clues to perhaps a message Hashem is giving.

Target has its roots in Minneapolis, and was founded by the Dayton family, who then merged their company Dayton’s with  Hudson,  of Detroit. The merged company was called Dayton-Hudson and carried the ticker symbol DH when it was listed on the NYSE.  My mother worked for  the second Target store to open its door , which was located in St. Louis Park, and was given a gift of 12 shares upon the merger of the two companies.

Dayton’s  opened its largest department  store in downtown Minneapolis on Nicollet Ave and 7th Our parents would often drive their car down Nicollet Ave before it became a pedestrian mall. The opening video clip of the Mary Tyler Moore show begins with Mary driving down a major Minneapolis highway in her car, and ends with Mary throwing her hat in the air on that Nicollet Mall.

In 1999, Entertainment Weekly picked Mary Richards‘ hat toss at the end of the sequence as the 1970s’ second-greatest television moment. It was so popular, that even Opra Winfrey made a duplicate of the same opening scene on her show, with Opra herself in it.

On the surface, by throwing her hat in the air, Mary could have been almost anywhere and anyplace, but it looks like Hashem had this all planned ahead of time. Because on that very corner that Mary threw her hat, she was standing in front of Dayton’s  and across the Street was Donaldson, another large department store.  In some versions of the opening video you can see the names Donaldson’s and Dayton’s, while in others you may only see Dayton’s,  but the point is that Mary was standing on the corner where both Department store signs could be seen.

So now take a close look at that opening  where Mary tosses her hat in the air. I feel that there is a hidden message now that we know who sits in Congress presenting that very district where Mary tossed her hat. In fact, though there are different  versions, the end is the same where Mary tosses her hat and it stays suspended in mid-air.

Now let’s remember what Rabbi Cunin said at Lori’s funeral. He talked about lighting Shabbat Candles and saying THIS IS  FOR  LORI.

Then Rabbi Cunin held up a tefillin bag and asked all men to put on tefillin and say THIS IS FOR LORI when doing this mitzvah

Finally Rabbi Cunin also said non-Jews could also help, by doing the seven laws of Noah.

My feeling is because of the fuss earlier this year of Omar having a special law which gives her the right to wear her Hijab in Congress, she turns  it into a symbol of Hate against Israel, Jews and America;

Mary’s hat toss means something just the opposite.

When Mary tossed her HAT, she was tossing away – Hate, Anti-Semitism, and Terrorism.

Now let’s relate that to what Rabbi Cunin said that a women should light candles. Here is a very interesting thought. Let’s look at the word HATE once more. So if we take away those first three letters we have an E left over. If you take that E and rotate it 90 degrees to the left then it looks like the Hebrew letter Shin, which is the first letter of the word Shalom, meaning  Peace, hello and goodbye.

Now if you take that Shin and put a hole in each of the three spikes pointing upward to heaven, then you can insert a candle in each and when you light a candle, the fire goes up, not down. Therefore those three candles can be used to burn away  the Hate, Anti-Semitism and Terrorism.

Now regarding what Rabbi Cunin said about Tefillin, its important to understand that you do not have to own a pair of tefillin to do the mitzvah. Anyone, anywhere can do it and just by saying the Shema, you have done a Mitzvah by putting on tefillin, at least that’s what happens when you meet someone in the street who wants to put tefillin on you and he’s Chabad. But there are so many other places to go put on tefillin that your choice is endless and it only takes a few minutes each day. The more you put them on the more you will get used to the idea and you will feel very relaxed and satisfied. Take my word for it, I went through that process myself.

But it’s also important to note that it’s important to put on a pair of tefillin that are kosher, in other words, it works just like any machine, cellphone, computer, etc. If not all the parts are there or are not in the right order then that device won’t work properly and that is the same story with tefillin. So if you have a pair of tefillin and are not sure they are kosher take them into your nearest kosher tefillin shop or anywhere else that has someone qualified to check them out. It’s like taking your phone in for repair, the qualified  person will open and check them for you and if there is something wrong, then he will notify you of your options.

And while we are on the subject, it’s important to get your mezuzahs checked as well twice within a seven year period. Many people who have been experiencing personal challenges have been advised by the Rebbe to have their mezuzahs checked and when they were fixed, then many times those problems vanished.

And its interesting that if you look at the word HAT, again, you could also apply that to Tefillin.

Head  and    Arm     =     Tefillin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

I wrote another Blog about the Friendship Circle’s June 2 walk in Lori’s honor.

It seems that the walk fell just short of its goal. Therefore here is another idea for Friendship Circle. Perhaps you should consider having a second walk but this time for what would have been Lori’s next birthday. If you look at this year’s calendar, my sources say Lori was born on August 10, which is Tisha B Av and it falls on Shabbat. So because of this, the fast is postponed to Sunday, August 11.

In addition, this will be the first Shabbat in many weeks that the Torah Parsha read in Israel will match that of Chutz Le Aretz, thereby signifying a unifying of Jews throughout the world. Therefore I would suggest your second walk be scheduled immediately thereafter on Monday, August 12.

At that intersection I mention, you can gather as many women as possible to re-enact that final scene of Mary’s hat toss. They tried it in Minneapolis in the IDS Crystal Court and many women showed up. And it would be a nice idea then to have women handing out candles and men putting on Tefillin


I will be posting other analysis on future Blogs.

Here is wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom


I am posting results of that walk below-



  • $94,635Raised


  • 996Donors


  • 100kGoal


Thank you to all who donated, walked, and helped spread awareness!
We walked in memory of one of our biggest supporters, Lori Gilbert Kaye, OBM.

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