The report you will not get

Thousands of women and children murdered. Bodies of innocent civilians lay scattered throughout the streets of Jerusalem. The morgues are filled with family members trying to identify what’s left of bodies which they think are their children. Reports are saying that this was the deadliest massacre in the history of Israel. No house was spared from innocent bloodshed or grieving.

These would have been the headlines if Israel took the same “precautions” to ensure the death of its civilians that Hamas does. Is this what it would take to win the propaganda battle; the prize being some positive media coverage on Israel?

Yet this does not happen because Israel takes every possible precaution it can, costing billions, to ensure the safety of her citizens. Every building is required to be equipped with a bomb shelter and the Iron Dome defense-system has cost several millions of dollars to intercept any rocket which threatens the safety of Israeli civilians. In contrast, Hamas uses its millions of dollars from foreign aid and thousands of tons of cement, provided by Israel, to create an underground death-factory. Instead of building Gaza up they are building Gaza down; creating complex and sophisticated labyrinths of tunnels to smuggle Israeli civilians and rockets into Gaza. Hamas has shot these rockets at many Israeli and Palestinian cities in both Israel and Gaza. These cities include Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Hebron, Ramallah and Bethlehem.

When Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005, not one Israeli remained, not one soldier was left. Israel provided Gaza with the infrastructure to create a new Mecca for Palestinians in Gaza alongside Israel. Despite all of Israel’s efforts and much dismay of the Palestinians, Hamas stripped Gazans of their safety, dignity and in many cases life. Palestinians within the PA’s territories have no way of defending themselves. They have no warning sirens or bomb shelter to protect themselves against the rain of rockets from Hamas.

The most appalling part about this is that the media has danced with Hamas. Pictures of death and gruesome war scenes are waltzed into the media ballroom by Hamas and are accepted. Hamas is exploiting its own innocent civilians. If that’s not enough, there have been many reports, including Al-Jazeera English TV, which reported that Hamas shot at its own civilians to detour them from evacuating areas which were terror targets. Israel has taken almost more precautions for Palestinian civilians than it has for its own civilians. Israelis are proud to risk their life for the safety of Palestinians. Israel mourns every Palestinian civilian’s death. Every death stabs us in the heart. Leaflets and phone calls with warnings were given to Palestinians before Israel took out the targeted areas. Hamas thirsts for blood and it makes no difference if it’s Jewish or Palestinian blood. I am pro-Palestinian and not embarrassed of it. I believe in a free Gaza, a Gaza free of terrorism and Palestinian death, for I am pro-life. The Palestinians are the most unfortunate of all. I cry for them, we cry for them, for we are pro-peace. It seems as if Israel is the only one that cares about them and is doing something about it. In these recent attacks on Israel, Hamas has reaffirmed their motto: “We love death more than the Jews love life.”

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Watching his mom start the first, pro-Israel Jewish democratic activist group called the Raul-Wallenberg Jewish Democratic Club in San Francisco, Jonah started Student Alliance for Israel in his high school. He spent two years at an Israeli Hesder Yeshiva and is currently a Senior at Yeshiva University and holds positions in YUPAC, the Environmental Society, and the Democratic Club in Yeshiva University.
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