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The Secret to Living Beyond 100 – A Kabbalist’s Response

In Australia, a 100-year-old woman shared what she considered the secret to her long life, that longevity stems from a calm attitude to any tumultuous life events. She recommends not holding onto grudges and to live in the here and now. Her credo is, “Don’t worry about things that may never even happen.”

While it might seem like good life advice, a Kabbalist views it as lifeless to not worry about yesterday or tomorrow, and only to live in the here and now. It is how the animate degree of existence lives, but not the human.

Take any animal: it lives in the here and now. It is another matter if they have premonitions, but if they do not receive that sensation, then they live with what they have. An animal’s movements are quite simple, whereas humans burden themselves with all kinds of cosmic problems. For instance, stars might be exploding in another galaxy, and there would be people worrying about it.

Our worries with where we are gives us a feeling of life. On the contrary, a calm bodily existence, where we live with only what we have, is an animalistic life.

A Kabbalist is a person who opens himself to the world by coming out of himself and participating in it. He absorbs the world’s desires and problems and then processes them in order to activate his correction, in order to seek the optimal response and intention to everything that he absorbs. He thus feeds back into the world a corrected response to what he absorbs.

Such a life is far from being free of problems. Yet, it gives the Kabbalist a feeling of happiness because he feels that he carries out a necessary duty. Otherwise, it is not a human life. A Kabbalist can live in no other way.

However, in relation to the lady’s statement about not holding onto grudges, it is indeed important. It also comes naturally to a Kabbalist because if we accept everything as coming from a single force—nature’s force of love and bestowal—then everything that plays out among us is a picture of the world that nature directs. If we hold onto such a picture, then our attitude to it becomes correct and practical.

We can then no longer hold onto any grudges because we involve ourselves in the world’s correction, in the absorption and manifestation of the world, and we engage in the system together with nature. In other words, we not only observe and absorb what is around us, but we understand that it is being done for us, and that it is processed in our perception of reality.

We then need to act in a way that justifies this picture that projects within us. Living in the here and now is thus correct, but in the sense that the “here and now” is the reality that we create. We receive our impressions from nature’s output toward us, which we process as our input. We then constantly correct our impressions and reflections of the world, and we do so in order to justify nature on all degrees of our perception.

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