Yafit Fishbach Rosen
Yafit Fishbach Rosen

The Syrian Holocaust and US Intervention

We all saw the pictures. The Holocaust-reminiscent piles of bodies, either dead or dying. The fathers crying, holding broken babies in their arms. The children of dirt, tears, and utter confusion.

We all cried. We all demanded something be done. How dare Bashar al-Assad use chemical weapons against his own people and violate international law with no repercussions? How dare he?

So instead of just moving the “red-line” further back in order to avoid getting involved, as former President Obama had done multiple times, something was finally done. The only bases capable of such a chemical attack in Syria were stuck by US missiles and blown to shreds. But guess what? After crying about Syrian civilian deaths and demanding action, people are now crying about action being taken – and let’s be clear about this, they aren’t crying because they genuinely oppose the action, they are crying because the action came from President Trump and if you’re a liberal, it’s impossible to agree with anything the President of the United States does, regardless of whether or not you agree with it. See that logic? Impeccable.

When you demanded action, what did you think “action” was? Did you think we would all sit down with Syrian President Assad and have a conversation while holding hands and then he would magically become a nice guy and start caring about his own people? He’s a damn terrorist! Why is that so hard to understand? You can’t fight terrorism with logic or conversation. Well you can, but you’ll lose. It’s also important to note that besides for Russia, China, and Iran, all arguably dictatorships led by terrorists, other countries all agree and support this action by President Trump – the UK, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Japan, etc.

It seems like liberals don’t really stand for anything anymore except in their united stand in opposition to President Trump, and that is no way to make a decision, have a decision, or voice your decision. We need to stop focusing on who the president is or whether we like him or not and start focusing on specific decisions and whether we’d agree with them if they were made under another president. We don’t know what happens next. Does World War 3 break out? Does Syria retaliate by firing rockets into Israel or other ally countries? Do we, the two very opposing America’s, ever agree? If we plan on winning the war on terrorism, we certainly need to at least try.

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24 year old Israeli-American girl (woman?) who advocates for everyone who needs advocacy. Emotional writer. NYU grad. Want (*need) to write for sanity purposes.
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