The Tale of Queen Vashti

Normand, Ernest; Vashti Deposed; Gallery Oldham;
Normand, Ernest; Vashti Deposed; Gallery Oldham;

Come here, my children
and listen to me
about the famous tale
of Queen Vashti

It was in the 5th century,
Achashverosh the king
threw a big party

The party was raging
The wine it did flow
When the king called his messenger
And bade him to go

And summon the queen
In her birthday suit
For you see, my dear children
He was a great brute

The messenger rushed off
To summon the queen
But when he got to her chambers
He found a great scene

The queen’s loyal attendants
Were looking around
But where was the queen?
Nowhere to be found!

They hunted and searched
They looked high and looked low
Til the messenger spotted her –
Much to her woe

The queen gave a shriek
Slammed the bathroom door shut
“Come out!” said the messenger
The queen said, “or what?”

The messenger paused
Didn’t know what to do
The king’s temper was famous
“No” meant you were through.

“Come on!” said the messenger
“What’s holding you back?”
If you refuse the king,
He’ll go on the attack.”

But Vashti refused
She wouldn’t break, wouldn’t bend
Because there was something strange growing
Right above her rear end!

“I’d die of embarrassment!
I’d die from the shame!
It would be the end of my fortune,
the end of my fame!”

“Tell the king, I said ‘No!
There’s no way and no how!’”
“As you wish” said the messenger
And away he did bow.

He ran back to the king.
“She refuses to come!”
“Oh boy…” said the king.
“This will make me look dumb!”

He summoned his ministers
He needed advice
His rule had been threatened
Didn’t want to play nice

He’d been straight up rejected
His ego was frail
He didn’t even care
That Vashti had a tail!

His advisors all gathered
Told him just what to do
“If you don’t punish her severely,
Your rule – it is through!”

“If the king’s wife won’t listen,
Then I’m ruined with my own…
Zeresh will mock me!”
Memuchan did moan.

“You must have her killed!
Do it fast! Have some pride!”
For he knew it must happen
Before his drunken rage did subside

So Vashti was beheaded
By the king’s royal decree
Her head placed on a platter
For all to see

Now this story is over
But the tale grows on
Have a freilichen Purim
That’s the end – now begone!

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