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The Ten Divine Blessings in the New Cosmic Cycle

This Post is a continuation of the previous Post, From the Ten Divine Commandments to the Ten Divine Blessings, and a summary of my book New Heaven, New Earth, New Humankind. Below I will make only some references and brief explanations of the Ten Divine Blessings, which unfolds the new cosmic cycle of the Heavenly Jerusalem Civilization. In general, they are developed in much greater detail in my books and in our common international collective work over the years. Each one of these Ten Blessings reveals one or another Heaven in the new cosmic cycle:

  1. THE CREATOR (Sefirah Keter: the Crown of the Tree of Life in Beriah; she is both the Tifereth of Azilut and Keter of Beriah). There can be no definition of the Absolute. When he decides to create the world, the Absolute manifests himself as the CREATOR. Then, in the language of Kabbalah, the CREATOR is both Tiferet in the World of Emanation (Azilut) and Keter in the World of Creation (Beriah), manifested as Metatron. Since the human Being was created in the image and likeness of G-d, the greatest blessing is for the human Spirit to merge with the CREATOR. Then “Immanence directly reflects Transcendence,” “God sees God,” man “knows and is known,” and “the Absolute All is realized in the Absolute Nothing.”
  2. THE NEW GENESIS (Sefirah Hokhmah, The Universal Father). In the Book of Revelation, St. John testifies to the mystery of God, creating the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth: Then the one who sits on the throne said: Behold, I create all things new! … It is finished! I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end (Revelation 21: 5-6). This act can be compared to a powerful spiritual ‘big bang’ which changes the metaphysics of the world. The physical “big bang” gave birth to the material universe; the new spiritual “big bang” ignited by God gives birth to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. It is a New Genesis, in which life in the whole of Creation takes a new direction. It is one of the greatest blessings to be able to contemplate and even participate in the New Genesis! A number of chapters in my books are dedicated to the New Genesis, as well as many collective meditations of our international group.
  3. THE DIVINE WEDDING (Sefirah Binah, the Universal Mother). The CREATOR initiates the “Divine Wedding” between the Universal Father and the Universal Mother, from which the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth, where the New Humankind will live, is born. The Universal Mother fills the whole Earth with the Holy Spirit and blesses every living being. Emanating from the Source of Life, She builds life on all levels of Creation as a Divine Temple – from the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem, through the numerous spiritual worlds, up to the life of humankind on Earth. Here She transforms and enlightens the Earth itself, the human culture, the society, the family and even the life of each individual. With great love, gratitude, and devotion, we have dedicated an entire New Gospel to the Universal Mother. It was the basis of many of our prayers, meditations and celebrations!
  4. THE SECOND COMING (Sefirah Hesed, of Mercy and Love). To recreate the world and open the new cosmic cycle, the CREATOR activates the entire Messianic Line of the outgoing Indo-European cycle and initiates the New Manifestation of the Divine Masters and their Feminine Counterparts. They are radiating simultaneously from the Cosmic-spiritual Sun, each of them carrying Grace and New Initiation in the wholeness of the Heavenly Jerusalem, but in accordance with their own tradition. They are like demiurgic rays of Divine Light, Love, Wisdom and Truth, emanating from the Cosmic-spiritual Sun at the Center of the Universe, which penetrate all three worlds of Creation – from the highest Divine world, through the Angelic world, up to our earthly, material world. This Manifestation is the majestic Light of the Collective Messiah, who will elevate humankind and substantiate the new cosmic cycle of evolution. My books The Second Coming and New Heaven, New Earth, New Humankind, the prayers and meditations of our international spiritual group as well, give a significant understanding of the Divine Grace in activation of the Messianic Line of the new cosmic cycle.
  5. THE DAY OF RESURRECTION (Sefirah Gevura, Judgment). At the end of every cosmic cycle the CREATOR opens the Book of Records of everything that happened and integrates all of the past into one single wholeness. In this single wholeness, the CREATOR: a) reveals the whole Messianic Line of Divine Teachers and Manifestations of Divine Feminine, whom He sent in the various historical epochs for the upliftment of humankind; b) observes how the different generations responded to these Divine impulses and c) depending on their response, the CREATOR sends some into the outer darkness with the gnashing teeth beyond the order of the Azilutic sefirot and others back into the Olam Ha-Ba, ‘the World to come’, that begins after the Olam Hazeh, ‘This World’, is dissolved. (Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, A Kabbalistic Universe, Kabbalah Society, 2007, p.245). Thus, the Indo-European cycle ends with the Day of Resurrection and Judgment. This is a dramatic story for which we must be prepared. In our collective work we had many prayers, meditations and spiritual events in connection with the Day of Resurrection and Judgment. For instance, in my book Heavenly State on Earth, Project, there is a special programme, The Day of Resurrection. This archetype is also discussed in great detail in the books The Second Coming and Journey to the Heavenly Jerusalem, led by the Light of the Messiah. As to our collective spiritual work, in a number of Rila Assemblies we dedicated special days to this apocalyptic event with many prayers, meditations, music and sharing.
  6. THE NEW HEAVEN – THE HEAVENLY JERUSALEM (Sefirah Tiferet, Sefirah of Beauty, Magnificence at the center of the Tree). According to the Kabbalistic tradition, the Heavenly Jerusalem is at the base of the Fourth Heaven, which is called Zebel (dwelling). In the new cosmic cycle, the CREATOR blesses us with a vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem as a majestic Cosmic-spiritual Zodiac-Mandala, where each of its twelve Gates leads to a unique Divine Temple of a given world religion. Each Temple encompasses the entire vertical structure of Creation with its three worlds – Earthly, Heavenly and Divine (from its point of view), reaching the Source of Creation. The Teachers, Founders, of the religions and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine, associated with them, keep the Gates of the Temples in the Heavenly Jerusalem always open, so that millions of people can enter and receive their initiations. In the Holy City we will have access to the Tree of Life, which bears fruit twelve times a year, and its leaves are for the healing of the nations (Revelation 22:2). Then the greatest mystical event in human history will take place in it: the communion between Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, between the followers of all spiritual paths, gathered together in the center of the Heavenly Jerusalem as one God’s people on a sacred Earth! In our many years of spiritual work, the Zodiac-Mandala of the Heavenly Jerusalem is the basis of the Mystical School of the Spirit and is presented in almost all published books, in the International Summer Assemblies on the sacred Mountain Rila in Bulgaria and in many other activities.
  7. THE DIVINE RAINBOW (Sefirah Nezah, of Eternity or Repetition). G-d’s Blessing, associated with the Sefirah Nezah, is the Divine Rainbow. It is not only an inspiring poetic image, but also a symbol of a clearly defined spiritual path that can lead humanity back to the higher worlds and establish the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem down on Earth. We can imagine the Path of the Divine Rainbow as a majestic arch consisting of nine segments. Taken together, these segments include all of humanity’s spiritual journey up to the heavenly worlds and back to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. The steps on the Path of the Divine Rainbow are very closely and organically connected with the three-fold vertical structure of the Universe and the human being, “created in the image and likeness of God”, as a model of Creation. To this end, each Step of the Path covers a vast area of ​​spiritual work and offers a rich variety of appropriate methods, techniques and spiritual practices. If we recall the famous Jacob’s ladder as a model of the Tree of Life and a Path to the highest Divine world, we could find many similarities, but also certain differences, which are related to the essence of our time: The Path of the Divine Rainbow not only leads to the highest Divine world, but also helps us to establish this Divine reality on Earth; on the other hand, the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem is presented as the Kingdom of God, where there are many mansions, which are the spiritual worlds of the various world religions. The Path of the Divine Rainbow is one of the main themes in my books and in our collective spiritual work and continues to be an actual journey.
  8. THE SEVEN TEMPLES (Sefirah Hod, the Reflection, the Echo of Glory, the Echoing Magnificence). If we delve into the Kabbalistic writings of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi and of Leo Shaya’s interpretation of the Sefirah Hod from his book The Universal Meaning of Kabbalah, we can connect this Sefirah with the construction of Seven Temples in the life of humankind, where the Spirit of God abides forever. These Temples are the development of: the Human Being as a Temple of God; the Family; the Spiritual Community; the Nation; the whole of Humankind; the New Earth and the New Heaven. The construction of these Temples in the life of humankind is also one of the main themes in our spiritual work. Examples of this work can be found in my autobiography On the Path of Enlightenment; in forming the Family Life as a Divine Temple; in unfolding of our international spiritual group; in building the life of the nations, to which we belong, as Temples of God; in understanding all of humankind as one great spiritual family, living on a sacred Earth as a Temple of Life; and with Heaven above it as the G-d’s Temple of Creation. This work is presented in great detail in my books, on our website, as well as in many lectures, seminars and workshops in our spiritual group.
  9. THE NEW EARTH – THE GARDEN OF PARADISE (Sefirah Yesod, the Foundation) On a planetary level, we have the Divine Blessing to witness and participate in the dramatic transfiguration of the Earth from a dense material body to a beautiful, radiant astral planet. For us the Earth will become as a living celestial Being with its own planetary Soul (part of the Universal Soul) and with a planetary Spirit – the planetary Divine Logos, which guides its evolution. Of course, this metaphysical change must take place first in our consciousness, in our understanding and perception of the Earth, transformed by the light of the new creative impulse from God. Then, when we change our understanding and perception of the Earth, we will act differently. As a result, the etheric layer around the Earth will become a space for the fusion between the Heavenly Jerusalem and the spiritualized Earth. Thus, figuratively speaking, a majestic etheric Temple will be erected on the planet with a huge Cosmic-spiritual Cross of Light in the centre of the Temple. In this transformed Earth-Temple, the Holy Spirit will remain forever, and all Kingdoms of life will develop in Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth. Therefore, the New Earth for us will come to life in the brightest spiritual colours, will first appear as a Garden of Paradise, i.e., a wonderful “astral” planet, and then as a Kingdom of God, where there are many mansions. On this New Earth we will live as Cosmic-spiritual Beings and mediators between Heaven and Earth to lift the whole planet, with all the Kingdoms of life in it, on a new level of evolution.
  10. THE NEW HUMANKIND (Sefirah Malkhut, the Kingdom). In the new cosmic cycle of evolution, humankind will live as God’s people on sacred Earth. The new celestial culture will be based on such archetypal structures as the Higher Self, spiritual life, superconsciousness, harmonious relations with the Earth and nature, etc. In this cosmic cycle we will become new creatures – sons and daughters of the Living G-d. As we know, the Tree of Life is a universal symbol of the three-fold structure of Creation and of Human Being, created in the image and likeness of God. They emanate from the Absolute Origin of Being. By fulfilling the Testament of Truth, the life of humankind will grow as a Tree of Life on all levels – microcosmic, socio-cultural and macrocosmic. At the microcosmic level, people will be transformed as cosmic- spiritual beings, beloved children of God. At the socio-cultural level, humankind will become God’s people living on a sacred Earth. On a macrocosmic level, people will enter into the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth, where they will live in the presence of God forever and will co-create with Him!

As can be seen from the position of the Sefirot on the Tree of Life, the Divine Blessings on the Central Column include the CREATOR, the Heavenly Jerusalem (the New Heaven), the Garden of Paradise (the New Earth), and the New Humankind. The Divine Blessings on the right, active column are the New Genesis, the Second Coming, and the Path of the Divine Rainbow, while on the left, passive column they are the Divine Wedding, the Day of Resurrection, and the Seven Temples. The content of these Ten Divine Blessings came as a result of many personal and collective revelations.  Everyone who wishes to enter into the new Heavenly-Jerusalem cosmic cycle, with a New Heaven and a New Earth, is blessed and more than welcome! In the coming New Reality, we will live in the presence of the Living G-d and will co-create with Him!


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Leon was born on August 15, 1941 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His family was victim of a Holocaust Ghetto. His father Issak Moscona became a distinguished author of many articles and books about the Sephardic culture. Leon is on a spiritual journey for more than 50 years. Achieving Enlightenment, he described it in more than twenty books, many articles, and more than 500 lectures in various countries in Europe and USA.
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