Justin Amler

The Threats Against Jewish Sovereignty

Every day I read about more threats issued to Israel.

And it’s not the usual annihilation threats from Hamas terrorists, or the Palestinian Authority thugs, or the mad mullahs from Iran.

It’s from places that are supposed to part of the ‘Western world,’ you know the ones who care about human rights and democracy and all those wonderful candy floss moments.

It’s from the EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, who says that the EU will use “all our diplomatic capacities” to try to dissuade Israel from applying sovereignty and that they will not recognize Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria – even as they continue to fund the murder of innocents through their support to the palestinian authority.

It’s from Susan Rice, former US ambassador to the UN who served under President Obama, who says that annexation would make bipartisan support for Israel hard to sustain – even as her own government at the time supported a resolution that turned ordinary Israelis into criminals.

It’s from the duplicitous French who say that annexation could harm Israel’s ties with the European Union or the two faced Germans who keep speaking about their obligation to Israel, yet continue to support efforts to dismantle it.

It’s from Turkish dictator Recep Erdogan, whose support for terrorism and disdain for free speech should mark him as an enemy of all people who truly value freedom. He says that Turkey will not permit “Palestinian land” to be granted to anyone.

How dare they…

How dare these people, who have done so much to destroy the Jewish people over so many years, even begin to weigh in on the future of the Jewish people in their own land?

How dare these countries, who have ignored our cries for thousands of years, even begin to think they have a say in our future after tormenting our past?

How dare they even use the term ‘annexation’ which implies some foreign entity conquering land that wasn’t theirs – something those places are all too familiar with having done so for centuries.

What gives them the right to even frown in our direction after their own sordid history against us for which they still seem quite content to ignore?

Not only does Israel have a right to apply sovereignty over its own land – it’s something that should have been done ages ago for no Jew living in their ancestral land should ever be considered a foreigner.

But this is nothing new, for the world constantly tries to erase our history – to cancel us – but the lands they want to remove us from are not lands of foreigners, but lands of our forefathers.

It is on these lands that Abraham walked with Isaac to Mount Moriah – the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, to offer him as a sacrifice to God.

It is from these lands that the Maccabees fought for Jewish independence against the cruel Seleucid Empire.

It is on these lands where Abraham bought the lands of Hebron, the first recorded land transaction, and the location of the Cave of the Patriarchs where the remains of Sarah, Abraham, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob, and Leah are buried.

This is the same Hebron where King David was anointed and served as the first capital of the Kingdom of Israel.

It is on these lands where Joseph, who saved our people, lies buried after his bones were returned from Egypt during the Exodus.

There are so many events in these lands that they have become a part of the soul of our people, a living beating heart in which our stories flow through, our history comes alive, and our mark on the world became entrenched.

The only occupation these lands ever suffered were from foreign entities such as the Arabs or the British or the Turks, or invented entities such as the Jordanians or the palestinians.

Ultimately, we need to understand that for many in the world, the problem is not in Israel applying sovereignty in its own lands of Judea and Samaria – it’s that Israel has any sovereignty at all!

There is nothing that Israel can do, short of dismantling its own country that will bring satisfaction and acceptance from much of our critics. There is nothing, short of national suicide, that will be considered as Israel having done ‘enough’ for ‘peace.’

So it’s time we get out of this ‘ghetto mentality’ where we keep trying to make everyone happy by not rocking the boat, by being subservient, by acquiescing to impossible demands.

Israel has a right and an obligation to be where it is and to be what it is – a strong Jewish country that every Jew can look upon with pride and admiration and respect.

If the world can’t accept or respect that, then that is their problem – not ours.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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