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The Topsy Turvy World of Baby Killers and Nazis

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This week we went to an Israel rally to counter a proposed vote by the local teachers union against Israel.

When we got to the rally, there were two protest camps just yards from one another. One was calm and respectful, organized by the Jewish Community Council, proudly waving the American and Israeli flags and chanting “local affairs, not foreign affairs” and “school solutions, not war resolutions.” The other was made up of a combination of vile Hamas supporters and white supremacists, waving Palestinian flags and displaying swastikas, hiding their faces behind keffiyehs and masks, and yelling repulsive insults at us at the top of their lungs and with megaphones.

Like many of these rallies that we see nowadays, the difference between the decorum, decency, and respectfulness of the people couldn’t have been starker. Aside from calling us horrible names, the Hamas terrorist supporters tried to drown us out from even exercising our right to protest, and a number of them stalked and taunted our group, telling us over and over again to “shut up,” threateningly videotaping us, and trying to provoke a fight even with an ill, elderly man standing vulnerably towards the rear.

But I am proud as a Jew to say that when they went low, we went high. While they yelled, cursed, got into our faces, and tried to provoke violence, we turned away from them and to each other and G-d and sang a heartfelt, “Am Yisrael Chai.”

One of the toughest things to bear is when our enemies hypocritically use psychological projection and try to turn the tables, calling us “Baby Killers,” “Rapists,” and “Nazis,” when this is exactly the criminal behavior that the Hamas terrorists perpetrated at the October 7 massacre in Southern Israel.

For Israel, it’s as if being barbarically attacked and victimized with the rape and mutilation of women, beheadings and burnings of babies, and murders and abductions of young and old aren’t enough. But then to suffer the grotesque turning of reality on its head by having the perpetrators of these crimes call you out as the aggressor is beyond imagination.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of fake news, propaganda, lies, and distortion:

  • Where Hamas terrorists underwritten by the evil Iranian regime pretend to be “freedom fighters.”
  • Where Hamas fires thousands of rockets into Israeli civilian population centers, builds terror tunnels, murders 1,200 civilians at a music festival and on peaceful kibbutzim, and insists that Israel “ceasefire.”
  • Where hordes of rampaging Hamas terrorists cross into sovereign Israel territory, attack them, and refuse to release innocent hostages, yet demand that Israel unconditionally give up and withdraw.
  • Where the Palestinians for 76 years have rejected peace and statehood, but absurdly claim “occupation.”
  • Where Hamas wants all of British Palestine and to throw the Jews into the sea, yet paradoxically states that Israel, with two million Arab citizens, is the “Apartheid state.”
  • Where Hamas who starts a brutal Jihadist war and loses, falsely claims victimhood and “genocide.” 
  • Where the UN, UNRWA, UN Women, and a host of other supposed humanitarian organizations fail to condemn the massacre in Israel or the systemized raping of Israeli women, and instead they actually participate in the atrocities, hide them, deny them, or blame the Israeli terror victims.
  • Whereas Hamas, who funnel billions of world relief dollars into building a terrorist army and infrastructure, demands the world feed, house, and rebuild them only so they can continue the vicious cycle of hate and violence yet again.

As we approach the Jewish holiday of Purim, we have to maintain our ultimate faith in the Almighty that those corrupt evildoers who seek our destruction “by any means necessary” will ultimately themselves face justice like the evil Haman (perhaps the forefather of Hamas).

To conclude, even when the world looks truly topsy-turvy, there is always the hand of G-d guiding its every step, and eventually, the real baby killers, rapists, and Nazi terrorists will be confronted not only with the long arm of G-d’s justice and the IDF but with the enduring message of Am Yisrael Chai.

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