The turncoat president

After Trump betrayed America at the Helsinki press conference we have to wonder whether the “eyes only” daily briefings from intelligence chiefs have now been sanitized to withhold portions from the president.

Can they trust him now with secret, classified information?

Two days beforeTrump horrified Americans in front of cameras at Finland’s presidential palace, I wrote, “It becomes clearer with each exposure that Trump may well be working for the Russians against America.” Now I state it as a logical conclusion.

Why else would he feverishly try and spin his televised remarks at Helsinki after he left Finland?

The whole world saw him accept Putin’s word, over the unanimous conclusion of our revered intelligence community that Russians had indeed interfered in the 2016 presidential campaign.

“He (Putin) said it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be,” Trump told millions watching live television.

The Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, appointed by Trump, could not contain his rebuke. “I needed to correct the record for that,” Coates declared. “Obviously I wish he’d made a different statement.”

To deflect blame, Trump waited until he was back on U.S. soil before lashing out again at “the fake news media, the real enemy of the people” – rather than our adversary, Russia.

No wonder the renegade in the White House huddled with Putin for some two hours, with only the translators present. That is how conspirators scheme and plot.

As if this were not shocking enough, the Russian totalitarian has been invited by Trump for a fall tete-a-tete in the White House.

It is sure to follow the script of the meeting in the Oval Office, when Trump met there with the Russian foreign minister and their ambassador, while a Russian photographer clicked away in the absence of his American counterparts, who were banned from entering.

There are only two ways this turncoat will get his comeuppance: either through special counsel Robert Mueller or in the midterm elections. One is closing in – and the other is imminent.

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Anthony S. Pitch is the author of Our Crime Was Being Jewish. He was Associated Press Broadcast Editor in Philadelphia and a journalist in England, Israel and Africa before becoming a senior writer in the books division of U.S. News & World Report in Washington, D.C
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