The Voice of Hashem is in Hadar

The whereabouts of Hadar Goldin (the IDF officer abducted yesterday in Gaza) are currently unknown. Soon after the news broke, his name was known to the whole House of Israel and to many in the world at large.
A few hours after learning about his disappearance, many thousands amongst the People of Israel went to attend the Friday Erev Shabbat Prayer Service.
One of the central Kabbalat Shabbat prayers “Mizmor La’David” (A Psalm of David), refers to the Voice of Hashem and where it can be heard.
One of the lines reads:”The voice of Hashem is in “Hadar” (in Majesty).
While reciting this, I could not help but think of Hadar Goldin.
Just above the prayer is written:
“It is customary to stand during the recitation of the following Psalm and to recite it slowly, fervently and aloud.”
Hadar is an observant Jew. He knows this prayer well.
One can only wonder what voices were ringing inside of Hadar as he was taken away.
As we wait anxiously to hear his fate, the People of Israel pray to hear his voice.
His capture has evoked the voice of many, including those of world leaders.
Even the recently less majestic voice of Barack Obama, has called for his immediate release.

Whatever may be, as we pray for the best, may Hadar’s voice continue to ring out to all the world – Slowly, Fervently and Aloud – because the name Hadar is the very antithesis of that of Hamas.
This war is far from anything majestic. And the voice of Hashem seems frustratingly elusive during these moments, hours days and for some, weeks of despair.
Nonetheless we continue to have hope and to pray.
May we together with Hadar’s family soon hear and witness:
“The Voice of Hashem is in Hadar”. Amen

About the Author
David Skolni is a South African immigrant. He came to live in Israel in 1982. He is a special needs teacher and a practitioner in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education. His current interest is in the connections between body, movement and Judaism.