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The War Chronicles. Day 3


War chronicles: Day 3

I have nothing intelligent to say for now, but maybe that’s what chronicles are. We chronicle. This is what happened and when; not why. So here goes:

It’s real. And life goes on for most of us.

And roads are closed near the warzone (makes sense) but the others aren’t but you are encouraged by the civilian patrol at the gate to take what might be a quieter route (but might not be, but it’s only a ten minute detour so…).

And you get home and fish around for the keys to the doors and windows you never lock but now might be a good time.

And then you consume an unhealthy amount of “content” online and don’t even consider trying to sleep until about 315 so you pass out at 330……and wake up at 6

And after Davening you head to the large and well-stocked supermarket to find a staff of…..just three. So all of the checkout aisles are closed and you return the produce to the shelves because there is no scale to weigh them at the customer service counter where you pay for your other items…..but not before the military officer who asks you and the others in line if he can go first because he has to get to base (based on his purchases, he was shopping for his family…..and his soldiers….)

And on our way back home we see a group of soldiers on a helipad getting organized with bags, etc. So we ask them if they want some of the snacks we purchased…..or the extra underwear and toiletries…..and they gladly accepted the whole lot……as well as hugs, smiles, and handshakes…..and blessings of safety and success.

Then we drove to Yerushalayim on mostly empty roads (because of the war) and tried to shop there and met no fewer than three very full shopping carts in just one aisle(!!!) carrying goods for soldiers because “My good friend is in the South”.

But then we also just came home and had lunch and kids rode bikes and played with friends and I fielded phone-calls from strangers who wanted to help soldiers and from soldiers who wanted to be helped by those strangers.

And then we helped some teenagers (one of our daughters among them) hang up posters of support our troops – right outside the Yishuv.  Cuz you know…..war.

And then we read about some terrible things in the news and found out that neighbor’s son; the brother of our daughter’s friend was killed in this war.

And we tried to sleep again but….

Then of course, we woke up to tens of texts.  People genuinely care.  I keep envisioning my friends and relatives going through their contacts and exclaiming: “Ohhhhh He’s in Israel!” and then sending a text before checking in on the next name who lives in the “war-torn” state of Israel.  It is really and truly so appreciated.

Another day without school means some not-too-terribly-exciting free programming for the kids; some of which was provided by our child who is no longer a kid but whose job isn’t open given “the situation” or perhaps its location… East Jerusalem (but probably both).  And half the kids didn’t enjoy that programming so the STS (Screen Time Struggle) made an appearance.

More bikes.  A Sukkah disassembly (isn’t what the UN looks like these days?).  Lunch.  Neighbors offering to pick up some supplies ordered for the soldiers who were waiting to receive help from the strangers. Thank you neighbors.  Thank you friends.  Thank you soldiers.

Mincha.  Dinner.  Checking in with other local family and hearing THEIR chronicle.  A Zoom class appearance all the way in Florida.  High Schoolers in Florida seem to be confused by war.  Me too.

More phone calls from Strangers and Soldiers.  I’ve spoken more about vests and helmets today than I have about anything else in the last week.

And then I checked in with family in the states.  They are on their way to an “Israel Rally”.  We are OK, thank God.  And some other updates.  And, as an afterthought…..there was an air raid siren today.  Our family and a bunch of the kids’ friends were in the secured room.  We heard and felt the booms.  We are OK.  But anyway.

Then I wrote this.  I wish I had something smart to add, but, as mentioned, it’s just a chronicle.  And besides, smart things take time and insight and maybe even focus.  I don’t have much of that at the moment.  Tired but don’t want to sleep.  Sleeping is not feeling the war.

But I also have to be up early tomorrow….to see a dear friend who just flew in from America.

Not really a time for Tiyulim.  But we’ll be driving to the war.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  Looking forward to celebrating a brighter future very soon.

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Avi Ganz is the program Director of Ohr Torah Stone's Yeshivat Darkaynu. He lives with his wife and five children in Gush Etzion where he plays the blues on his Hohner, and reminisces fondly of his days playing tackle football with the IFL.
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