The Zionist Ideologist’s Facebook Crib Sheet, Part II

“Dear friend,


You say that your concern is not Israel-specific. You say it’s a general human issue. I see. But…if it was indeed a general human issue, would you not have drowned the world and your congressmen in wails at the 180 000 massacred recently in Syria; at the almost 2 000 killed in Iraq by the Islamic State in June alone; at the 3.5 million endangered by Hamas rockets in Israel?

What’s that you say – all that doesn’t matter? you only want to hear how bad Israel is? The fact that Hamas is – yes, it must be repeated – a terrorist organization, which has murdered more of its own civilians over the last two months (for, among other things, trying not to be forced to become human shields of military targets) than have been killed by allegedly Israeli fire (because of inaccurate reporting and death threats to journalists, damage done by rockets misfired by Hamas and landing in Gaza is ascribed to Israel) – this you also choose to ignore? The fact that most of the dead are men of fighting age, and therefore highly unlikely to have been innocent bystanders is also not so relevant? The fact that Hamas is a hate-spewing, anti-women’s-rights, totalitarian, armed regime you also don’t want to hear about?

You are also wont to blindly repeat things like “Gaza is one of the most overpopulated places on Earth” (some global context: Monaco, Hong Kong, and Singapore have higher population densities, and are for some reason thriving shamelessly), and “there is nowhere to escape from the Israeli airstrikes” (please look at this map on the site of BBC, not exactly an Israel supporter; now you know that there is plenty of countryside in Gaza, and if people are not escaping there, it’s either because Hamas isn’t letting them or because they are terrorists who choose to stay in the cities and fight Israel to the death (which, per their charter they “love more than Israel loves life”).

Do you see now how the situation is not so one-sided? Would you like to have a real conversation? Because I’d be glad to sit down/Skype/call and talk about this with all the facts considered. If, however, after seeing all these facts, you still are (for no good reason, mind you) blindly against Israel, the only democracy in the region, affording all humans living on its territory human and civil and women’s and gay rights, in marked contrast to its neighbors, then – since, as we’ve just determined, there is absolutely no actual reason for your being anti-Israel, other than inexplicable, medieval, barbaric, cudgel-wielding animus – then you’re also anti-Semitic. Because you can’t have it both ways.

Congratulations! You’ve won the bamboozled-by-Hamas-propaganda-and-own-misguided-striving-for-the-idea-of-fairness-and-proportionality sweepstakes.”

About the Author
David Lavie is originally from Odessa, Ukraine. After 26 years in NYC, he made aliyah in 2014. He is a writer and translator, bringing a bi-cultural perspective to life in Israel.
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