The Zionist’s Guide to the World Cup — Day 28

Once more into the breach….

Croatia v. France.

Here is another paving stone to pile upon the barricade against the French: As reported this week, the murderer of Dr. Sarah Halimi, the Jewish woman in Paris who was thrown out of her window to her death by her Islamist neighbor in April 2017, was found psychologically not responsible for his actions.  Previously, the murderer had been found to be mentally competent to stand trial. However, according to reports, the court on it own initiative was dissatisfied with that result and ordered a second psychological exam. This case is emblematic of the plight of French Jewry, as discussed previously in this blog.

It is enough to make one want to root for Croatia.  (Sigh….)

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Doug Klein is an attorney in Chicago and the wrestling coach at Ida Crown Jewish Academy.
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