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This war is not about us


I woke up today, as almost everyone did, to a flurry of phone notifications, panic searching till my fingers ached, and a heavy, heavy heart. The jarring news that Russia has actually invaded Ukraine puts Europe in its darkest hours since World War II.

But throughout the day as I continued to check the news, Twitter, Instagram, hoping for some updates and clarity, I began to see the classic posts from many of my dear friends, family, and broader circle…. different versions no doubt, but the just go something like this:

“Israel defends itself against Gaza and there’s GLOBAL OUTRAGE, Russia invades Ukraine and people shrug their shoulders- double standard I tell you!”

Now I get it. I get the urge to hop on this bandwagon and point out the double standard (and I’m not arguing for a second that there isn’t!)


It is estimated that around 50,000 or more Ukrainian civilians are about to lose their lives, not to mention the humanitarian crisis that is being launched with up to 5 million refugees fleeing resulting in total chaos.

That’s not even touching on the Ukrainian army- those willing to fight for their country- who will most certainly face death or worse.

That’s not even touching on the economic consequences of this war as sanctions mount on Russia, isolating the world’s 11th largest economy and one of our largest commodity producers- a move that could debilitate our economy worldwide.

And that’s not even touching on many more deadly and destructive possible outcomes!

What I’m trying to say … it’s really not about us, nor should it be. And if you think drawing those comparisons at this moment in time will get people on ‘our side’ and help them see the light of the double standard- think again!!

If I, a supporter of Israel and understander of the double standard, find these posts self-absorbed and insensitive…. I am pretty sure you’re not convincing anyone besides your own echo chamber. If anything, it’s doing a disservice to your cause.

Now I know all of you whom I’ve just called out have the best of intentions, and I’m sure I’ll get an angry call from some distant relative about my antizionism (despite being one of the few who actually live in Israel)

But, and I’ll say it again, this is not about us!!

So if you decide to post, post about Ukraine, please.


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Yaffa Abadi is a Tel Aviv-based writer and dreamer who recently completed her B.A. in philosophy and literature. She is now a content manager at F2 Venture Capital and a creative writer in her free time. Born and raised in South Africa, and still going through the long process of integrating into Israeli society (and loving most of the journey.)
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