Three Marriages and Infidelity In politics anything goes.

Slander is always a common weapon to defeat a rival candidate. No holds barred. If a weapon must be used to win then anything harmful but true can be used. This week, a former director of our world-wide esteemed Mossad, Ram Ben-Barak, in speaking on radio criticized Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu for his many extra-marital affairs. While he can never compare to the late womanizer General Moshe Dayan who had women by the hundreds while his faithful and loving wife Ruth anguished and suffered, nevertheless Bibi’s infidelities do not particularly astound his wife, the dominating member of his household.

It has been rumored that Sara holds a written document over Bibi’s head, the contents of which we cannot know, but it must be something very threatening in order to keep him in line. He has had three marriages, two of which failed, and the third with Sara controlling his every move is a wonderful theme for an Alfred Hitchcock film. A writer has described him openly. “His personal life is a miserable litany of failed marriages and sexual betrayal”. He married his first wife, Miriam (Micki) Weizmann in 1972 and both of them went to America to pursue graduate studies. Miriam became pregnant in 1978 and while she was pregnant Bibi was having a sexual affair with an English non-Jewish woman, Fleur Cates, who he met in the university library. One day Miriam noticed blond hair on his suit and demanded to know who’s it was. When she found out, she threw Bibi out of their house in Boston.

In April of that year, Miriam gave birth to a baby girl and Bibi was not present at the birth of his first child. He and Miriam were divorced in 1978 and Bibi then married his second wife, the non-Jew, Fleur. The marriage lasted only six years and they divorced in 1984. In 1991, he took a flight on El Al airlines and sitting in Business Class he met an El Al stewardess named Sara Ben-Artzi. She was attracted to him and handed him a slip of paper with her name and phone number. There is a rumor that Sara became pregnant while on that flight having sex in a bathroom. She became pregnant with her first son, Yair, in 1991 before she and Bibi were married. One of Bibi’s former staff revealed that “Sara had a plan, while Bibi did not. She got pregnant on purpose although Bibi had no intention of marrying her. She basically trapped him….” One day in 1993 Sara got an anonymous telephone call from someone who told her that there was a video tape of her husband having sex with one of his political advisers, Ruth Bar. The caller demanded that Bibi quit his hope to be elected as the leader of the Likud party; otherwise, the video tape would be made public. When he came home, Sara confronted him and he admitted having the extra-marital sexual affair with Ruth. Sara thrives on being in the limelight and loves the public attention. Therefore, she demanded that Bibi go on national TV and publicly admit his affair and ask forgiveness from his family, his wife Sara, and his two sons, and made a tearful apology to the nation. Sara advised him to make the public broadcast so that he could never be blackmailed, since he himself had publicly confessed. Since that incident, Sara has maintained one hundred percent of power and control over Bibi’s life. For whatever reason, she does not allow him to be in contact with his first child and only daughter and her children… Bibi’s only grandchildren. So now, readers can understand Ram Ben-Barak’s public announcement of Netanyahu’s sad history. It has been published in a 2017 book by Matthew Kalman, Executive Producer at the TIMES OF ISRAEL, together with co-author Matt Reese. The book contains all the facts of which I have herein written. The tell-all book is called “Netanyahu’s Women… The Psychobibi: Who is Israel’s Prime Minister and Why Does He Want to Fail?” It is a sad story of a sad and lonely life. What will become of Sara if they have to vacate the Prime Minister’s official residence in Jerusalem? Will there be yet another divorce? In baseball it is called “three strikes and you are out”.

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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