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Thus Spoke the Blind Prophet

'Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem,' by Rembrandt, 1630. (Wikipedia)
'Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem,' by Rembrandt, 1630. (Wikipedia)

I wrote the following piece on June 2, 2010, following almost unanimous UN and Global media condemnation of Israel for protecting its sovereignty in the Flotilla Raid incident. I did not publish it….. for fear of being mocked and ridiculed.

Hear O’ Nation of Israel: The Nations judge you with a measure that they do not use on themselves. They watch closely at my beloved and see a people divided into a choir of opposing and quivering voices, a people uncertain of their cause. They see a people that have forgotten the tragedies of their own history, and the faces of their own fathers. A people that is so desperate for the love of the Nations, that you are willing to sacrifice the love of your own selves.

Do you not remember Solomon’s judgment? Ultimate judgment favored the mother who was unwilling to divide the child. And you my people – you are so eager to divide. To divide this land that you fought so hard to return to. To divide your opinions into multiple camps – forever critical of your own kind and your own leaders. To whom shall Solomon give this orphan babe? It shall go to the mother that wants it whole, to the mother that is unwilling accept anything less, for she knows that she is truly deserving, unwavering in faith and the rightness of her way.

People of Israel, you judged those on your borders, who raised their own children within the shadow of those that sought your destruction. Nay, you did not protect them, support them or thank them for the faith that you did not possess. Instead you publicly accused them of being reckless, of being extreme and radical. You have accused and judged your own people, and now you who live in the centers, your babes have come under the same shadow. Whom shall you judge and accuse now?

For hundreds of years, my People, your eyes were turned to the heavens, pleading for the chance to return to Zion, yearning for Jerusalem. You wandered as strangers, in lands not your own, and unloved by your hosts. Exiled, ghettoed and massacred, He pitied you, and brought you home early. Early because this land was ready and waiting for you to take it, but you were not ready for it. You became so used to living amongst the nations, so used to wishing to being accepted by them, that when you returned to your own home, the yearning to be accepted remained. And because you did not appreciate the value of the Jewel you possessed in your own hand, because you did not grasp it tightly, you will lose it to another that wants it more.

People of Israel: You have chosen to be kind to the cruel, but this is not our way. Your fathers were Lights and Guardians of Justice; they did not tolerate and were unforgiving to those who sought the deaths of your children, those who taught and sought the restrictions of all freedoms. But you have forgotten the face of your fathers, embracing instead the cruel – understanding and explaining his ways, and criticizing and judging your own.

You have embraced the Cruel, and will lose your Jewel.

And the People of Israel stood before the Prophet and mocked him. And they asked ‘Who are you? Are you too not a stranger among us? You do not know our ways? You are not from this land? Are you not Blind? How dare you speak to us in this way? You cannot see?

And the Prophet replied: Close your eyes for you cannot trust them and they have deceived you. Instead you must listen carefully. Listen to the confusion of your own voices, the mockery of the Nations and the footsteps of the Cruel, for he quickly draws near, unstoppable.

And the People of Israel continued to mock the Prophet, the Nations continued to mock Israel, and the Cruel patiently made their plans for their destruction.

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Avi Ifergan served for 12 years in the senior management of Israel's largest bank. He also founded three early stage technology ventures, lectured Bachelor-level Economics and Foreign Policy at Bar Ilan University and has worked as a a Senior Parliamentary Advisor to MK Gideon Saar, Head of the Likud Faction and Coalition.
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