Ezra Drissman

Time for a New Yavneh?

I am usually one of the more optimistic individuals about everything. Many of my friends have been worried as most Jews and Israelis about the Iranian deal. We still have another 45 days until the United States Congress will either reject or accept the deal.  I am positive they will reject; however, I am much less optimistic about the possibility of overriding a Presidential veto.

This pessimism was brought on fully the announcement by longtime Congressman Sander Levin that he will be supporting the deal. And so it brings us to a terrible situation. Even according to his own statement,“Currently, Iran is only two months away from the ability to produce enough material for one nuclear weapon.” By signaling his support, I believe the only comparison would be to the Jews who burned the warehouses in the Temple. The world can increase sanctions and bomb if necessary the Mullahs in Iran. The Jews of the Temple could have held out and who knows. Mr. Levin is a Zealot, a fanatic for “peace”.

Therefore, we are left with the real possibility that Iran will have a nuclear weapon. Maybe it is time for Jews, God forbid, to think about leaving the State of Israel. This very real thought should be debated. It may be time for a new Yavneh.

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Ezra has been politically active since he was in High School. He was involved in the Jews for George campaign and loves politics. While always evolving and refining views, he is open to strong and robust debate.
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