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Time to Eradicate the Hamas Threat

The deafening wails of sirens, the streams of white smoke as missiles cut through blue skies, gunmen driving through towns seeking victims, families butchered in their homes, women and children taken hostage, party goers hunted like prey.
A nightmarish scenario became manifest on Saturday, leaving Israel stunned, bloodied, and horrified. And while we collectively stood in shock, nursing our wounded hearts, monstrous deplorables rejoiced from Tehran to Jenin.
After decades of indulging Hamas’ tit for tat antics, the time has come to put an end to the threat emanating from Gaza. No longer should Israel hold back from dealing a death blow to these cowardly terrorists. It is time to open a new chapter, one where Hamas is all but a memory.
Over the next few days and weeks, the international community will surely pipe up and start complaining about Israel’s response. This predicable reality arises every time Israel responds to the Hamas threat. But Israel must stand steadfast and resolute in her response this time. No matter how loud the world shrieks, Israel must see this through. Every member of Hamas must be destroyed: politicians, policemen, and terrorists. This is the only way to end this played out storyline.
Israel’s enemies look on with glee as we mourn. They see a great victory in their sadistic barbarity. But they will soon remember what Israel is capable of. Soon they will see Israel seek out her enemies and erase them from the Middle East. The destruction of Hamas will not only give Israelis a breath of fresh air, but it will also remove one of the biggest obstacles for a wider Middle Eastern peace .
Failure to achieve this end result will only lead to more calamities in the future. Hamas, if not destroyed, will eventually regroup, rebuild, and rearm. After seeing what they are capable of doing, they will surely try to repeat such strikes in the future. Nasrallah and Hezbollah will likely learn from this and plot their own version of Saturday’s tragedy, and Iran will gladly continue funding these endeavors. But if Israel manages to eradicate Hamas entirely, the whole region will learn a very powerful message: That Israel will never bend and break from terrorist onslaughts.
The road will be long, painful, and difficult. But this is the only way forward. All the other options have failed in unimaginable ways.
May Israel prove victorious.
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