To the journey!

About that 10,000-year history in Jericho, Mr. Erekat‘                                                 Times of Israel: February 12, 2014

‘It’s not about whose narrative is more just or who has rights over the entire land…. it’s about creating two states for two peoples.’ Tzipi Livni.

A very practical point to consider but how to realise its fulfillment is the central issue. The current attempt to square the circle on this matter is not looking too promising and, unless Mr. Kerry has stumbled upon some inside track not as yet revealed to us lesser mortals, then that may very well be the way it stays.

And hasn’t this been the core of the problem all along, that lack of movement, the feeling of getting nowhere fast, pursuing a mirage that disappears every time any solution, long-term or short, is put forward in the interests of peace?

Could it be that, in chasing down every possible solution we can think of, we are all blind to one fact?

That what really matters most is the journey itself.

L’Chayim! To the Journey!


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