Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


When someone smiles at us, we smile back.

When they show us that they care, it uplifts and inspires us. When they sit down, ask us how we’re doing, and listen as we tell them, we shine.

We feel good when we get together with people we are close to, talking and enjoying each other’s company.

When it’s someone whom we admire and respect, we treasure the opportunity to be in their company. And we appreciate their friendliness.

Now imagine if the leader of the land stopped to talk, while we stood on the street, smiling and asking us to share our thoughts.

The Alter Rebbe, the first Rebbe of Lubavitch, explains, that the month of Elul (which we have just entered), is a special time of Divine mercy. He compares it to a king who is travelling to his palace, and he stops in a field, where the people are working, and he approaches them with a warm and smiling face.

During Elul, the King of kings is so accessible, wherever we are. It’s a unique time to be united with Him even closer than before. It’s the month before Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. Elul is more informal. Elul is when it’s so much easier to greet our King.

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