Tribute for Zaidy

Zaidy did not encounter a puzzle he could not solve. He could be found bathed in sunlight in the early hours of the morning on the porch of our Pompano Beach apartment, meticulously and methodically at work on a Sudoku or crossword. His perceptive and analytical mind was a source of apt advice and guidance, generously and freely distributed both to those encountered in a casual manner and to those privileged to know him in a more deep and profound way.

His classy, elegant style and lightness on his feet made him a prized dance partner for his granddaughters at weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs. Zaidy was well put together, poised and graceful at any and every occasion. His social, active nature brought him many friends and admirers who loved him greatly.

My Zaidy, Fred Skurka, was a bright and brilliant individual. His powerful memory is a light and inspiration to the family and friends who stand in the legacy of his radiant spirit. His grandchildren aspire to fulfil his vision of our future. To act with dignity, with respect for self and others, a full and complete life of moral integrity.

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Jordana recently graduated with a Masters degree in Government, Diplomacy and Conflict Studies from IDC Herzliya.
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