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Trump won but Biden won more

From 2016 to 2020, trump went from 63 to 72 million votes. Why?

After four years of incompetence, scandals, and 240,000 corona deaths.

Geniuses under the commentators each have their pet reason why.

I’m not so smart to pinpoint one cause. Rather, I see many causes. And I’m not the only one. Let me expand on that. I think there are many reasons and that’s why his rallies were so long. He needed to tick all the boxes:

1. Many people are tired from work and being endlessly poor and powerless. They want to enjoy some royalty, heroes, and stars vicariously.

2. You don’t understand politics, you hate it, comes a politician who says: “Me too.” That’s your man, no? And then he says: “Like you, I’m the underdog. Please help me fight the powers that be.” It’s a must.

3. You know that there is plenty of money but you never see a nickel of it. Comes someone: “I’m going to drain that swamp.” Your guy, no?

4. They say that immigrants are after your job. Comes someone who says “They are murderers, let’s build a wall.” Sounds great, no?

5. Capitalism or progress has killed your job. End of the road. Comes someone who says: “It’s China, trade deals, progressives did this to you. I’m going to set back the clock,” you wouldn’t believe it?

6. Your whole life they call you stupid and use complicated words you don’t know. Comes this guy who says: You’re the most intelligent and we have the best words. Attractive, no?

7. The other party has some arrogant career diplomat. You hate her with all the antipathy you always felt for them and the lack of empathy you always felt from them. Yes, let’s lock her up.

8. When you feel the underdog and a new leader arises who says: “I’m just like you and I will fight for you,” you would not vote for him?

9. Weakened and strongmen like the image of Archie Bunker, a macho man, who shows all the time that he’s not to be intimidated, not by logic, truth, education, science, loyalty, principles, the law, anyone.

10. Even if it’s a lie, it’s irresistible when you feel unloved and unseen, and some creep says: I see you, I love you, they have forgotten you, but not I.

11. You just or almost or hopefully soon made it into the Middle Class with a little saving. Then you seek shelter with anyone who says: The Socialists are all out to get your little savings; I’ll protect you.

12. In a world full of wrongs that seem insurmountable and worrying, it’s such a relief to listen to (and believe for a moment) a sound of optimism and carelessness. Not cautious optimism but positive vibes from someone who dismisses all the bad.

13. First he called the regular press fake news and the enemy of the people. Then you get into the Fox News/YouTube bubble, and then you really live in a parallel universe with alternative facts and ‘enlightening’ conspiracy theories. (Enabled by the fakeness of Hollywood and a widespread belief in UFOs.)

14. Saying the opposite of what you mean really works for good, naive people: mass-producing weapons but saying: “I hope we’ll never have to use them,” Not forcing Big Pharma to lower prices but saying that you asked them. Saying you want Dreamers to stay but starting the clock for removing them, etc.

15. He gave tacit or open support to such unlikely groups as Evangelicals (though he’s an Atheist), Jews (though he never let go of Pollard), and Neo-Nazis. And they all assume him to be their friend. (And he expressed love for and trust in dictators and non of America’s allies dropped or isolated him.)

16. Most speakers are boring and Trump is entertaining.

17. Once you voted for him, his success is your success. You’re not going to drop him.

Of course, Trump never talks for the super-rich who he is mainly serving. They know he’s for them. They don’t need to have him say it.

It’s not just worrying that 72,000,000 people voted for a jerk. That they voted for him still and in even greater numbers after four years of mismanagement.

Then, it doesn’t mean anything when capitalists claim that he almost didn’t lose.


Trump’s flirting with bigotry and scandal in general, were just smokescreens

About the grand thief who stole in broad daylight, hiding in plain sight.

The media and we all need to learn that Trump’s flirting with bigotry and scandal in general, are just smokescreens to hide the real outrage.

He stole from the common man and the poor and gave it to the super-rich including himself as no one before. The giant tax cut bill his masterpiece.

Why did the once respectable Grand Old Party tolerate such a parade of incivility and lies? Because he delivered. He paid out big time.

And all the disgust about his immorality he planned and willed.

No, he’s not a narcissist. No, he’s not a fascist. No, he’s not stupid.

And he’s also not the successful brother he pretends to be to his base.

He is but a thief and a con artist. He is the swamp. He conned most people.

None of the above is any news, but we forget it in sec. Big Money doesn’t.

Big Pharma, the Gun Industry, the Weapon industry, the Medical Insurers, Wall Street, the Billionaires, Bernie Sanders, and Andrew Yang don’t forget.

No, he doesn’t like murder and violence and racism and antisemitism and sexism and all of that. But he also doesn’t care too much. He likes money.

And he is one of them, only more so. Personally, he needs lots of money and lies because no sum of money is safe with him. He gambles everything away so he needs a fresh stream of cash to keep up with his losses.

Yes, it’s outrageous that he dropped his pants on life prime TV (so to speak) but he only did so to distract from putting all that jewelry in his bag.

Stop giving him free publicity about his moral depravity and see the real immorality that he’s hiding in plain sight.

He’s not a monster. He’s not crazy. He’s not a bigot. He’s not stupid. He’s not your daring brother who feels for you. (If he feels you, it’s because he’s pickpocketing.) He is your brazen thief. Go to the police/media and report him. All the rest were just props and distractions. And his theft is so brazen that it is committed in broad daylight for all to see, and not even recognized as theft. As we in the next clip:


I still think that Trump will escape to Israel

He has so many legal troubles in the US. It still makes more sense to me that he’ll live in an oversized mansion in Hertzeliah and play the victim of a ‘vindictive’ Biden administration, than that he would risk being arrested, charged, convicted, bankrupted, and jailed in the US. While hanging out here, he can better claim that he’s ‘the true patriot,’ ‘ousted’ but when the deep-state ‘coup’ is over, he’ll come back, reign again, and ‘make America so great again, you wouldn’t believe it.’

I believe that Biden will pardon Trump for any offenses he may have committed as president. Yet, none of the cases named in the above clip is work-related.

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