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Trump for 2024?

I’ve read already that Trump could run for 2024. He would love to. He has nothing else to do with his life, anyway. And to prepare 2028 for his daughter Kushner. But, that’s not even the biggest question.

Bigger is: Can he run from jail? Can he run while in exile in Israel?

He won’t stand a chance against the Camala Harris – Andrew Yang ticket, after four years of everyone getting a lot more money and opportunity: universal income, lower drug prices, better loan possibilities, also for Black men and women, more well-paying jobs, a decent minimum wage, etc.

Blue-color workers, including men, Latino middle-class men, working-class Jews, women, youth, will easily defeat any Trump bid forever.


While Biden and Harris are getting ready to hit the ground running, as soon as Trump is ceremoniously carried out of the White House, three other issues must be taken care of most urgently. None of this is anything new but I want to stress these points so they’ll be clear in our heads:

1. Pandemic. His team must issue recommendations to the public, that most people will listen to, based on science. Maybe even have a fired Dr, Fauci spell them out on prime TV. Masks, etc. I’m sure Biden will do this.

2. Money in hands of the people who need it yesterday and most. Promises by the president-elect that he will guarantee rent for every tenant who can’t pay now, to prevent evictions.

3. Democrats MUST win the two Senate races in Georgia. If not, Biden will not be able to get anything done. A GOP Senate majority would block anything to be able to claim in the next election: they got nothing done.

Yes, Biden can do a lot via executive action but he needs new laws against the looming conservative High Court.

In fact, Biden will be so busy on the first day on office that he can take the rest of 2021 off:


I’m really worried about two very toxic marriages in the US (and not only in the US).

1. The most social unbigoted political leaders are so anti-Zionistic and sometimes anti-Semitic. What a horrible question: What do you want most: social justice or safety for the Jews?

2. The most protective political leaders who are somewhat protective of Jews are so anti-social and dishonest, it’s scary–and immoral.

I don’t know how to solve this. In England, they’re very successful, it seems in cleaning out the Labour Party from Jew-hatred. Jews were very loud about the disgrace. But at the end of the day, Gentiles are doing the work.


There hangs an aura of tremendous, unparalleled, grotesque mysticism around the Trump/Kushner ME peace process. Unnecessarily so. Their only novelty was to say to the Arab-Palestinian leadership: “You trick me, I trick you harder.” And: “You don’t need us? Who says that anyone needs you?” That’s all. Anyone else can do it now the spell has been broken.

And whatever he achieved there, dwarfs in comparison with his steady stream of racist remarks and dog whistles to the alt-right and neo-nazis, making the United States not only into one of the unsafest countries for Jews to live in presently, but also, through the Internet, the most prominent spreader of White, Gentile, Christian, Male, Able-bodied, Mental-Health supremacy and hyper-nationalism around the world.

For now, the end of the Trump era is historic and doesn’t seem to be any less crazy than the past four Trump years. As the following clips show too.


Georgia is on my mind

One more thing, Inspector Columbo would say.

It’s great that Trump is out but the Democrats need to take back the two Senators from Georgia, or their administration will have very little wiggling room (McConnell). This is almost as important as winning the presidency.

Luckily, the greatest genius in flipping States lives in Georgia and she just did it for the Georgia Electoral College: Stacey Abrams. And if that’s not enough, she just wrote a book about how to do it.

Democratic powerhouse Andrew Young just temporarily relocated with his family to Georgia to help secure the Senate. Much is at stake. While the Trump team is wasting time with frivolous lawsuits ‘to win the election,’ in fact trying to hide the worst defeat possible, Democrats mean business.

The Young family relocating:

The Trump team wasting time:

Trump on losing from Biden would be the worst:

Yet, for Democrats to win these two Senators will not be simple. Especially now an antisemitic clip from 2018 from one of them was found. Not for the ‘Jewish vote.’ Americans by and large don’t like Jew-hatred. However, Atlanta Jews call the preacher/politician a friend, anyway. That could help.

It ain’t over ’till it’s over.

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