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A Jew in the Frozen North (Minnesota)

Trump Is No True Friend to the Jewish People

Well, we are five days away from the election here in the United States and still there are fellow Jews who continue to support Donald Trump.  A group of 13 prominent rabbis released an open letter in support of President Trump this past weekend, praising his administration’s unwavering  “commitment to the essential importance of religious entities” in order to aid the Trump campaign in galvanizing Jewish votes before this coming Tuesday.

It is ridiculous.

Trump, while perhaps not an anti-semite himself, actively courts the anti-semites among the population.  One does not have to be hateful of Jewish people to lend credence to those who do. That alone should disqualify him from having the support of our people. “But he has unwavering support for Israel” some say. Well, that “unwavering support” is only to keep his evangelical christian base pleased and in his corner.  We all know why the evangelicals ‘love’ Israel, and in their interpretation of things it wouldn’t end well for the Jewish people.

A Biden presidency will be leaps and bounds better for Israel than Trump having a second term will be. In the long term, it is better for the Jewish people (and Israel) to have a liberal supporter in the White House than a divisive stalwart. Biden is the president who will the Israelis to make the sacrifices that can lead to a real, lasting peace.

If you’re an American like me…  If you’re an American Jewish person like me… Vote for Joe Biden on Tuesday, November 3rd.

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