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Trump Sues to Prevent 2024 Election Vote Counting

President Donald J Trump is not taking voter fraud lying down.

In a brilliant strategic move that cements his reputation as a brilliant strategist who makes moves no one else has ever imagined, GPOAT (Greatest President Of All Times) Donald J Trump has sued to prevent all 50 states and the District of Columbia from counting the 2024 presidential election ballots.

“The fake-news media and the bad-news Democrats have conspired to steal the next presidential election, and most likely the one after that, too,” the GPOAT said during a live-wire press conference broadcasted and streamed from the White House to every TV set, radio, cellphone, and computer on the planet.

The law-and-order commander-in-chief provided all the proof he and his supporters needed to make an undebatable case that left-wing fraud is here and that it is here to stay.

“If you count only the legal votes, I will easily win in 2024,” said Trump, noting that left-wing voter fraud is so rampant, it may have corrupted presidential elections through 2048—and beyond. “But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.”

Asked how many reelections he plans to seek, Trump said he’s modeling his trajectory after President George Bush.

“Bush had his first reelection stolen, too—by the same people, by the way, the lock-‘em-up Clintons,” Trump said. “So what did Bush do? He ran again and again until he exposed all the corruption and finally had his reelection validated in 2000. He ran once again in 2004 and won. Then one day he died. I don’t know why. Maybe the Clintons made him dead.”

Told he was confusing George W H Bush and his son, George W Bush, Trump thanked the reporter for serving up a “perfect example of fake news.”

“Here we have one more piece of evidence that the media rig elections,” Trump said. “We won’t let that happen. Not as long as I’m president or running for president or thinking about running for president.”


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Boaz Dvir is the author of the critically acclaimed nonfiction book “Saving Israel” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020), which follows World War II aviators who risked their lives and freedom in 1947-49 to prevent what they viewed as an imminent second Holocaust. Washington Times book reviewer Joshua Sinai described this nonfiction book as a “fascinating and dramatic account filled with lots of new information about a crucially formative period.” A Penn State associate professor, Dvir is the founding director of the Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Initiative and the Hammel Family Human Rights Initiative at the university. He's an award-winning filmmaker. He tells the stories of ordinary people who, under extraordinary circumstances, transform into trailblazers who change the world around them. They include an average inner-city schoolteacher who emerges as a disruptive innovator and a national model (Class of Her Own); a World War II flight engineer who transforms into the leader of a secret operation to prevent a second Holocaust (A Wing and a Prayer); an uneducated truck driver who becomes a highly effective child-protection activist (Jessie’s Dad); and a French business consultant who sets out to kill former Nazi officer Klaus Barbie and ends up playing a pivotal role in history’s most daring hostage-rescue operation (Cojot).
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