Turkey becomes the Muslim Brotherhood’s base to take over the world

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Turkish nationalist, fascist and Islamist policies are a threat to world peace.
Racism, fascism and ultra-nationalism does not become more pure because it has islamistic roots!

You rarely hear about how different regimes affect western politics, although it is so obvious that they do. For many years there has been talk of threats against EU, Israel and western powers from foreign powers, and especially from Russia and/or China. One of the regimes that has influenced the international community politics most recently is the Turkish one.

In recent years, no one has escaped Turkey’s imprisonment of MPs, professors,
students and local politicians. Turkey has the highest proportion of imprisoned journalists in the world, (usually without evidence). Academic freedom dosen´t exist anymore in Turkey, and when it comes to human rights of minorities- Turkey hasn´t been this bad since Ataturks days.

I have been studying jihad-ism and militant Islamism for almost a decade now.
What I have seen here in Sweden is that Sweden has failed in their national security policy, making Sweden one of the most biggest exporter of jihadis per capita in the western world. Their failure is largely due to Sweden being a civilized country, so civilized that our politicians have a very hard time understanding jihadism and thus fighting it.

It´s nothing civilized with Turkey today, nor groups they have been financing or supporting for years like Hamas, Daesh, SNA and other militants.

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In the name of the Ottoman Empire: Turkey becomes the Muslim Brotherhood’s base of operations to take over the world.
Turkey’s ruling Islamists in the Justice and Development Party (AKP) are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, known as the Ikhwan in Arabic. The Ikhwan is international and its strategies and tactics are different in each country, he said, though the various national chapters often communicate and cooperate with each other.

Or to quote the Saudi Arabian journalist Khaled AlShareef: “Erdoğan’s ties to the Brotherhood go back to the 1970s, when he was one of the more trusted political pupils of Necmettin Erbakan, the father of Islamism in Turkey.Muslim Brotherhood branches in the Gulf helped support Erbakan and Turkey’s Islamists in this era when they faced repression from the secular establishment.

The historical roots are the same, as well as the ideological closeness in political and religious interpretation, and finally, self-interest as political opportunism.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a belief system found throughout the world, the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey (the Erdoğan administration) is the only group in charge of a country in this big belief system.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership is a very tight network that loyal to their cause, when Necmettin Erbakan died in 2011, most prominent leading figures of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership attended his funeral in Istanbul. Around this time, as the Arab spring protests grew, so did Turkey’s support for Islamists.

“The AKP government’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood movements abroad changed dramatically in 2010 and 2011, as Ankara sought to fund Muslim Brotherhood offshoots that were ideologically ranging from the covert loyalists like to the religious extremist overzealous .

The Turkish Regime with strong hopes of expanding their influence in the Middle East worked with Qatar in funding, supporting and expanding the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood parties in the region, the main parties were Islamic Action Front (Jordan),

Justice and Welfare Party, Islamic Renaissance Party in Tajikistan, Iraqi Islamic Party, Islamic Action Front (Lebanon), Justice and Construction Party (Libya), National Assembly for Reform and Development,

The Malaysian Islamic Party, freedom and justice Party, Yemeni Congregation for Reform, Islamic Constitutional Movement HADS (Kuwait).

Turkey and Qatar invested billions of dollars in expanding AKP and Brotherhood-linked institutions in the United States relations , AKP and Qatari government officials members can be spotted presence at events of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has been linked to the Brotherhood. Turkish names were increasingly appearing on the boards of Brotherhood-linked NGOs and the influence of Turkish Islamists is growing in the United States.

Red herring tactics were used to attack Erdoğan’s foes while a massive PR campaigns were actively portraying him as the Muslim World savior there for people will dismiss reports of Erdogan’s poor reputation regarding human rights, Muslim Brotherhood TV shows broadcasting around the world painting Turkey under AKP as a progressive and prospering nation, Erdogan was recognized anywhere in the Middle East as a well established leader who saved Turkey and now he wants to save the Islamic world.

Muslim Brotherhood and Turkish mosques in Europe, North America even in the Middle East have become propaganda tools, where imams are trained to maintain a positive image of Turkey Under Erdogan and attacking the Saudis and Egyptian governments, painting them as regressive, brutal and evil regimes ,more and more people subscribed mix the AKP and Turkish Islamist groups ideology and the belief of the caliphate return, Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs, or Diyanet, has taken on an Islamist identity, even a Muslim Brotherhood identity in many places throughout Europe mainly in Germany where they were accused of espionage.
Some groups linked to the Brotherhood in Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Egypt may be terrorist organisations, while some others are not, it’s no longer 1950s , there is no singular Muslim Brotherhood that can be identified and abolished easily, the Muslim Brotherhood is active in politics, arts, social life, they are celebrities, musicians, actors, scholars, terrorists, businessmen, public figures, the are liberals, theocratic zealots, because they will be whatever they are needed to be in the name of the Neo Ottoman Empire.” – end quote

This have to be stopped! First of all Turkey have proven themselves not to be a trustful Nato ally, therefore they should be kicked out of the alliance. Second of all EU and the US should freeze all military cooperation with Turkey- until they cut all ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, if that dosen´t work they have to push them hard trough sanctions. Erdogan belives that Hitler’s Germany is an example of effective government. And nothing strange about that, Egypt’s former grand mufti has recently said that the Muslim Brotherhood sent hundreds of its members to receive “training” from the Nazi regime in the 1940s.

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Shiekh Ali Gomaa said on his religious television programme Wallahu Alam that the Brotherhood was originally founded as a proselytisation movement before it became a political party.

“For the 11 years before 1939 the Brotherhood were good and everyone supported them, after that they began training in Helwan, Tora and Natrun,” the Shiekh said.
The Muslim Brotherhood] sent 700 members to train under Hitler
– Shiekh Ali Gomaa”They sent 700 members to train under Hitler. This came to light much later in documents released by German authorities,” he added.

This is unacceptable in the 2020s! We should not let history repeat itself!

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Michael Arizanti is a debater born in the Netherlands, raised in Norway but now living in Sweden. In Sweden he has been an important part of the debate on how to deal with violence-promoting extremism, and how to fight honor-related violence and oppression. Nowadays he has more focus on human rights and the Kurdish issue.
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