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Turkey poses a threat to Middle East reconciliation

Turkey's Drone Manufactureror
Baykar -Tukey

Turkey’s leading defense company Baykar just announced that it will unveil at the Technofast show, its newly designed drone, that can hover, take off and land vertically. Please note that Turkey is still a member of the NATO organization and NATO was not probably aware of this development. These types of Drones can be used by the terrorist organizations for staging deadly weapons, if Turkey decides to sell them. If the past is any guide, it is more likely that these will be used for such purposes.

At recently held G20 meeting between US president, Biden and Erdogan produced no joint communique and Erdogan probably felt isolated. Biden probably issued a warning and slap his wrist this time to see if his behavior changes.

This is quite understandable as the entire world is now engaged in resolving the Covid epidemic that began in the far east at a great human cost, reviving battered economies, curbing terrorism after Afghan withdrawal, and fighting Global warming. The aiding and abetting terrorist organizations will invite economic sanctions and military reprisal. Pakistan and Turkey are the only countries that still think that terror as a weapon can solve their petty political quarrels with other states.

The intelligence agencies and FATF both have cited them as states who had not shut down terror outfits and allowed illegal money transactions.

In the meantime, Hezbollah and Pakistani militants are delighted that they can spare their suicide bombers for the future destruction of Jewish and Hindu states by using Turkey’s drones. This development and other nefarious activities of Erdogan have not escaped the notice of concerned states, like the United States, Israel, and India, and Saudi Arabia.

It is hard to imagine how long Turkey can get away for not admitting Armenian genocides, terror involvement against the Kurdish population, and nexus with ISIS of Iraq and Syria.

Turkey’s ultimate goal appears to be to reestablish the Ottoman caliphate or the Islamic Republic. Erdogan also covets that Istanbul not Mecca became the worshipping place for Islam thereby replacing Saudi Arabia.

This may be an aspirational objective and may not happen in this nuclear age. However, similar aspirations are also held by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The will cause troubles in the neighborhood affecting the national securities of Israel and India, notwithstanding Iran’s nuclear ambition.

After the revival of AUKUS, a new security architecture is laid out by United States in consultation with Israel, India, and United Arab Emirates(UAE is a progressive state who established diplomatic relations with Israel and will have an F-35). The sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan may cause some security issues in the future but no international aid or recognition will be awarded to the Taliban, if a coalition government is not established and the Taliban does not meet her obligations that they agreed to in agreement with the USA. At this point, they are far away due to Pakistani ambition to treat Afghanistan as a proxy and subsidiary state.

The security cooperation between Israel and India becomes essential to assure the survivability of their ancient religions and cultures. Hindus and Jews have survived for millennia against adverse circumstances and lived in different regions of the world while adopting the life situations of their host countries with secular views towards other religions and ethnicities. However, this friendly response is not always reciprocated by other countries. Qatar, Turkey, and Pakistan refuse to recognize the reality that without the cooperation and economic development, their people’s life will not improve.

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