Turning Anti-Israel Protests into Israel Support

How to Turn Anti-Israel Demonstrations into Pro-Israel Events

By Rabbi Marc D. Angel

One of the ugly features of the post-October 7 period has been the vitriolic anti-Israel demonstrations by Hamas/Palestinian supporters. The hate groups target universities, pro-Israel events, and the public square.

I offer a suggestion to turn these demonstrations into positive support for Israel.

If anti-Israel demonstrations are planned, the targeted schools, synagogues, institutions should make a well-publicized statement: For each anti-Israel demonstrator, we will contribute x dollars to Israel, purchase Israel bonds, donate to pro-Israel institutions. We will keep careful count so that each demonstrator will in effect be contributing to support Israel. Thanks for your support!

This statement should not only be publicized in the media, but large signs should be placed so that demonstrators will see the message.

A similar strategy can be employed against businesses which discriminate against Zionists/Jews. Let these businesses know that we’ll keep count of their customers for a week or a month, and will contribute x amount in support of Israel for each person who patronizes the business. Thus, each anti-Israel customer will in fact be supporting Israel.

I know that I—and many others—have already been increasing support of Israel through contributions and purchases of Israel Bonds. If the entire pro-Israel community will work in unison, it will be a very positive way of supporting Israel politically and financially.

We pray for the courageous men and women of Tsahal. We pray that Israel will emerge from the current war with great military, political and diplomatic victories. Hashem Oz le’Amo Yiten, Hashem Yevarekh et Amo Bashalom.

About the Author
Rabbi Dr. Marc D. Angel is Director of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals. Author and editor of 38 books, he is Rabbi Emeritus of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of New York City, and Past President of the Rabbinical Council of America.
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